CellTrust’s Sean Moshir Responds to Indian Government’s Plans for Proxy SIM Cards for Secure Communication

CEO Wants to Protect U.S. Jobs, Asking Government to Protect Intellectual Property

Scottsdale, Ariz. – November 5, 2010 – CellTrust Corporation, the recognized leader in mobile secure messaging and secure applications for mobile phones (, responded today to the recent announcement by the Indian government that it plans to create guidelines and regulations for using proxy SIM cards for secure communication in the country. The response comes before President Obama’s weekend visit to India to discuss the economic partnership between India and the United States.

“In tough economic times like we are currently facing in the United States, we believe that certain actions, such as the ones by the government of India, could potentially be considered unfair practice against certain U.S. companies,” said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman of CellTrust. “While we applaud the government of India for recognizing the need for secure SMS, we believe that the resulting technology may end up infringing on the patent CellTrust has filed in India regarding Secure SMS and also could potentially violate the practices of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property system. We hope that the U.S. and other countries can come together to find ways to protect jobs, while growing businesses, and adhering to international intellectual property principles.”

CellTrust is the largest provider of Secure SMS in the world, with many government organizations as customers, including the U.S. government. While the U.S. government protects its citizens, their properties and interests, Moshir believes it should also protect their intellectual property, to ensure that jobs that need to stay in the U.S. would stay here.

According to ZDnet, the Indian government is developing guidelines to issue encrypted SIM cards with digital signatures unique to an individual or company, for email and SMS communication. However, CellTrust has already filed patent 744/DELNP/2010 with the Indian Patent Office for secure SMS technology using client software on the handset for encryption.

Before founding CellTrust in 2006, Moshir led several industry changing technology initiatives and is credited with founding the now global multi-million dollar security patch vulnerability management and remediation space when he started PatchLink. Moshir has attracted over $40 Million (USD) in investment and venture capital and has created hundreds of jobs over the last decade for his companies headquartered in the USA. In 2009, as part of its global expansion, CellTrust partnered with local companies in Australia, New Zealand, and Africa bringing Secure SMS technology and job creation to those areas.

Long envisioning a world in which the mobile device will be crucial to validating identity, over the last two decades, Moshir has been one of the industry’s leading advocates of the trusted exchange of relevant, often highly confidential, high-risk and personal data via the mobile device.

CellTrust’s SecureSMS Appliance is the first global enterprise appliance to offer secure SMS communication for handset to handset and enterprise applications to handsets with highly encrypted end-to-end security in compliance with HIPAA, FISMA, and Sarbanes-Oxley, ensuring that information is kept private and only delivered to the intended recipient.

CellTrust SecureSMST Appliance was named winner of many industry awards by CTIA, Mobile Marketing Association, RCR Magazine, MobileTrax, and more.

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