CellTrust SL2 provides the energy sector with secure mobile communications to drive real-time data access & collaboration

CellTrust SL2™ delivers SecureVoice™ and SecureSMS® that can be encrypted, traced and archived. From field support to on-and offshore operations, the app allows energy personnel to work when, where and how they choose for maximum flexibility and productivity. Employees are able to collaborate from the field and capture data as they work, reducing the need to make multiple trips to obtain input from senior team members. Now your dispersed workforce is better able to access information and collaborate to greatly increase response times and productivity.

Our Solution

Security on a single device

For many on-the-go employees in the field, consolidating work and personal use into a single device eliminates the complexity, security risks and inconvenience of managing multiple devices. Upon download, CellTrust SL2™ assigns a separate Mobile Business Number (MBN) to create two lines on one device.

Customer Engagement

Driven by mobility and social platforms, today’s consumer is more connected that ever before. Mobility provides easy access to transaction data and alert notifications via text. Furthermore, new mobile customer applications offer added convenience and opportunities to build brand loyalty.


CellTrust SL2™ delivers encrypted mobile voice and SMS for internal communications, and the ability to monitor and archive mobile communications that occur with external partners and contacts. The app greatly simplifies the compliance process by allowing accurate monitoring and streamlined reporting on regulatory and safety issues.

Security Controls

CellTrust SL2™ is managed through a user friendly, web-based desktop client. The desktop client as a secure online dispatcher allowing staff to manage communications from a centralized location. The console permits approved users to manage, track and audit all messages.

Employee Productivity

From field support to office employees, mobility allows energy personnel to work where, when and how they choose for maximum flexibility and productivity. Employees are able to collaborate from the field and capture data as they work, reducing the need to make multiple trips to obtain input from senior team members.

Mobile-first Strategy

Energy companies seeking to deploy any new mobile technology are best served by focusing on a mobile-first strategy for successful implementation. At CellTrust, our solution engineers stay on top of developing technologies and device capabilities to truly understand how leading with a mobile-first strategy can support long-term investments.

Features & Benefits



Powerful encryption and traceability for highly sensitive calls, and cost saving on roaming


Dispersed workforce is better able to access data and collaborate, greatly increasing productivity


Device and carrier agnostic to support BYOD, COPE and corporate-liable strategies

Single Number Reach

Redirect calls to any phone or device, giving staff the ability to engage in secure communications

Scalable Platform

Secure platform to deliver mobile services to a highly distributed workforce


Senders receive proof their secure messages are delivered, opened or deleted

Critical Messaging

Improve disaster preparedness, collaboration and mission-critical response time


Apply remote wipe to app-only data if any device is lost, stolen or compromised

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Shift to mobility


In an industry with a globally dispersed workforce, and mix of internal and external stakeholders, mobile device management and mobile security is a top business priority for energy leaders.1 While the energy sector is leveraging enterprise mobility to manage mobile environments across device, applications, content and networks—CellTrust SL2™ delivers the critical component of secure mobile communications to deliver a complete and optimized mobile solution.

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1 SAP Global Advisory Council, Oil & Gas Survey, 2011
2 Oxford Economics Ltd., Digital Megatrends 2015, March 2011

Oil and gas leaders believe the following applications will have the greatest positive impact over the next five years.2 energy-chart

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