Empower employees to work on the go with easy access to secure business applications, voice calls and text messaging.

Now it’s possible to make your mobile workforce more productive, while keeping your company’s data secure—no matter who owns the device. Together, CellTrust and BlackBerry® deliver a complete mobility solution for enterprises to holistically take control of their devices, applications and mobile communications. BlackBerry’s advanced controls empower organizations to monitor and manage BYOD, COPE or COBO (Corporate Owned, Business Only) deployments while CellTrust SL2™ delivers secure mobile voice and messaging in support of industry regulations and IT protocols to fully empower the mobile workforce.

Our Solution

Two lines.
One device.

Employees can easily switch between the work container and personal apps with the freedom to customize their device for optimal user experience. Mobile voice and messaging can be secured, traced and archived, and IT can be confident that company data is protected.

Secure SMS

Mobile device use for work is a growing concern among employers, specifically texting, which is favored by most employees. CellTrust SL2™ for BlackBerry® Dynamics™ encrypts all text messages exchanged in the BlackBerry® container to protect, archive and assure delivery of employees’ business text messages.

Secure Voice

CellTrust SL2™ for BlackBerry® Dynamics™ captures all incoming and outgoing calls made within the BlackBerry® environment, providing audio recordings to help meet supervision and compliance needs. Now it’s possible for businesses to allow employees to bring their own device and still support compliance.

Single Sign-On

IT can designate a BlackBerry® secured app, such as CellTrust SL2™ for BlackBerry® Dynamics™, as an authentication delegate to allow the user’s initial app login to facilitate access to all BlackBerry® secured apps on the device. This enables the user to only sign in once to have access to all of the apps in the BlackBerry® secure container.

Secure Workflows

Enterprises that have deployed BlackBerry® solutions can manage access to CellTrust data using the same processes and policies established for other mobile apps. Email, voice and text messages are secured throughout the mobile workflow and restricting data exposure to unapproved applications.

Risk Mitigation

If your enterprise is in a highly regulated industry, then you know how important it is for secure mobile communications. Whether it’s for a routine audit or a response to eDiscovery or regulatory compliance, CellTrust SL2™ for BlackBerry® Dynamics™ through its archiving providers can help retrieve mobile business communications on request.

Features & Benefits

Easy activation

One simple step requiring a single PIN or Touch ID for CellTrust app registration

BlackBerry® Launcher embedded

Integrated Launcher allows for users to access other BlackBerry® ecosystem apps

Seamless Integration

Voice and text are secured throughout the mobile workflow protecting data shared within BlackBerry®

Notification & Badge Alerts

Clear notification banners and badge alerts notify the user of new SL2™ communications

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