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CellTrust is a leading provider of compliant and secure mobile communications for regulated industries. CellTrust SL2™ is a communication platform for voice, text / SMS and chat that integrates with leading providers of archiving and e-discovery.

You get your own private communication platform, and you can safeguard your communications.

BYOD and COPE deployments enjoy a proactive security solution embraced by CISO’s and compliance folks alike. The platform can be deployed across thousands of users, or a handful, in minutes. We support clients globally. We help mitigate risk.

We continue to develop features, tools and enhancements to enrich clients’ experiences and we have the most patents in our industry.
Visionary Wealth Advisors

“The integration between Microsoft 365 and CellTrust, from a compliance perspective, is remarkable. Our ability to apply the Microsoft Information Governance policies to the information that we bring in from CellTrust is a game changer.” Ryan Barke, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Visionary Wealth Advisors


Voice Calls

SMS / MMS / Chat / Group Messaging

Groups/Broadcast Messages / Pager

Desktop Portal

Archiving & E-DISCOVERY

Enable Desk Phones to Receive Text Messages

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SL2 does not use GPS or other features to identify, track, or reveal your location, so that this information is never captured or stored by SL2.

SL2 enables users to keep their personal messages separate: as long as you don’t send a personal message through SL2 or WhatsApp integrated with SL2, our system cannot access your personal messages.

CellTrust SecureLine Secure Voice

How We Do It

Mobile Strategy

Enterprises and SMB share a multitude of policies around mobile phones, be it BYOD, COPE, COBO or mixed mobile deployments. We work with your team to design and implement an optimum solution for your organization.


We make an investment into your organization through design and a proof of concept (POC) before you make an investment in us. We are experienced working with an array of organizational sizes.

Cost Savings

We can turn a mobile compliance expense into an IT cost saving. Let’s discuss if your organization’s configuration qualifies.

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Our Strategic Partners

Partnering for Success

We have strategic partners across the mobile ecosystem to deliver integrated solutions for clients and allow you to continue to capitalize on your IT investments.

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Seeking talented and experienced business, sales and engineering professionals

We are looking for driven individuals who are passionate about technology, communications, and the opportunity to transform an industry. If this sounds like you, we want to talk to you.

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