CellTrust’s compliant mobile communication platform is used by enterprise, governments, and small medium enterprises (SME) across regulated industries. Here are a few of our amazing customers:

“Texting is just our latest investment in building our state-of-the-art digital capabilities – so that we can serve our clients when, where and how they want,” said Andy Sieg, head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. “It’s one more step toward making the full advantages of our combined Bank of America and Merrill Lynch platform of products and services easily accessible.”


“The integration between Microsoft 365 and CellTrust, from a compliance perspective, is remarkable. Our ability to apply the Microsoft Information Governance policies to the information that we bring in from CellTrust is a game changer.” Ryan Barke, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Visionary Wealth Advisors


“We used to have to reroute text messages from our clients when they came in because we had no way to archive them for compliance, explained Shon Anderson, Chief Wealth Strategist, Anderson Financial Strategies. “Now that we have CellTrust SL2, our clients can communicate through the method they prefer – text. We are thrilled as it is working seamlessly, and we are communicating with them more than ever.”


“We have fully integrated SL2 into our firm’s compliance systems and now have a very high level of comfort because – not only do our advisors have what they need to stay leading-edge – we are now confident our mobile communications are in line with the latest industry rules and regulations. It’s been a real win-win and a very positive experience with CellTrust from beginning to end.” Steven Trigili, Chief Compliance Officer, Garden State Securities


“CellTrust SL2 was the most robust and yet affordable enterprise level compliant mobile communication solution I found. I wanted a platform that my company could grow with as I hire additional advisors. No one needs to buy a new phone; it works with an Android or an iPhone, is very flexible and allows for a small business to scale,” explained Brian Bond, Founder and Investment Advisor, Leverage Financial Advisory. “The texting capture and archive functionality is really where the value is for me as all of my clients from ages 20 to 70 prefer to text!”

“Customer Service at CellTrust has been great as well. I always get a dedicated account manager for any question I have, and they resolve it quickly. SL2 is also very intuitive and I like the desktop version so that I can text from my computer or my phone and everything is synched,” said Brian Bond.


“We understand that a growing number of clients prefer to text with the professionals in their lives. This text messaging solution serves to further open communications channels between advisors and clients which will further enhance communication and greatly improve efficiency,” said Frank Laferriere, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mandeville.


“It was more convenient for our staff and made sense for us not to incur an additional capital outlay for mobile phones and plans,” explained Derek Stewart, Director of Technology at North Thurston Public Schools. “CellTrust and Smarsh teamed up to provide us with the SL2 app on our staff’s mobile devices, separating personal and school communication, while capturing and archiving all school-related activity to help us meet Washington state records laws.”


“CellTrust SL2 has been a gamechanger for us in terms of productivity and compliance,” said Jennifer Angell, Financial Advisor and Director of Operations, Payne Capital Management. “We used to have to explain to our customers that we could not text with them, or if someone did, we had to make a screen grab and archive it. With the SL2 Enterprise Mobile app, text messages are seamlessly captured and archived.”


“Everything is going great. We really like your product and have found it very useful. I am so glad we found your company.” Babette Switzer, Communications Director, Provident Wealth Advisors



“Our research paid off when we found CellTrust. With the CellTrust SL2 app on our personal iPhones, provisioned with dedicated Mobile Business Numbers, CellTrust’s dual-persona technology separates personal and business activity on the same smartphone. It’s been a positive experience that helped us solve a problem and it’s been beneficial for our company.” Anonymous, Chief Compliance Officer