More healthcare leaders are moving away from legacy pager systems with inherent vulnerabilities including communication delays, deterioration in reliability, and lack of required traceability and audit controls. These vulnerabilities also put patient care and confidentiality at risk leaving healthcare facilities, physicians and staff exposed to HIPAA/HITECH1 compliance violations, fines and loss of reputation.

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Our Solution

One device. Two personas.

CellTrust SL2™ gives practitioners the flexibility of carrying one device. CellTrust SL2™ assigns a separate Mobile Business Number (MBN) to enable secure mobile conversations, messaging, and paging—all on a single device.

Closed-loop communication

Staff receive messages in real-time, including automatic notifications with a complete audit trail. CellTrust SL2™ helps ensure staff are immediately reachable. If a doctor is unable to respond, staff can contact an alternate doctor to provide the best possible medical care.

Reduce risk & miscommunications

The Joint Commission estimates that 80 percent of medical mishaps occur due to miscommunication. For clinicians, the ability to send a secure text message facilitates a real-time exchange of health information that removes the need for pagers—which are not timely and often not secure.

Texting & patient compliance

The Journal of the American College of Surgeons reported that patients prefer texting with their physicians—80 percent—on the specifics of their health management. Patients receiving secure texts for medication alerts and recommended care practices are more compliant to treatment and less likely to readmit for the same condition.

Technology- enabled care

The 2014 HIMSS Analytics Mobile Technology Survey reported that 83 percent of physicians use mobile technology to provide better patient care. CellTrust SL2™ allows healthcare providers to quickly and securely discuss admissions, emergencies, transfers, diagnoses and other patient information with colleagues and staff.

Web-based nurse portal

CellTrust SL2™ is managed through a user friendly, web-based nurse portal. The portal acts as a secure, HIPAA-compliant online dispatcher allowing staff to manage communications from a centralized location. It also allows approved users to manage, track, and audit all messages via any incoming channel—phone, email, app or console.

Features & Benefits


Enhanced Paging

Superior paging capabilities that allow for secure communications in support of HIPAA compliance


Seamless BYOD solution protects patient information and physician privacy on a single device

Secure voice and messaging

Messages can be time and date stamped, tracked, logged and archived

HIPAA Compliance

Maintains a centralized audit trail of communications in support of HIPAA

Critical messaging

Critical messaging function overrides the silent mode of a device for urgent messages

Reduce risk

Quickly and reliably respond to Joint Commission inquiries

Redundancy and failover

Eliminates risks associated with weak signals and clinician callback scenarios

Patient engagement

Basic patient engagement messaging helps to improve patient compliance and reduce readmissions

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CellTrust SL2™ is a mobile healthcare communication solution engineered to enable doctors, nurses and administrators easy, secure communications without putting confidentiality at risk. In support of HIPAA/HITECH compliance, the application features secure voice and messaging, which allow critical care teams to securely communicate on mobile devices and workstations.

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CellTrust is ready to help healthcare leaders embrace the availability of new technologies such as secure messaging to help:

  • Promote continuous and coordinated patient-centered care
  • Foster secure, real-time communication among clinicians
  • Increase patient compliance and outcomes through improved physician-patient conversations

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