SL2™ Enterprise Capture Top Ten


  1. Easy to stay compliant with financial regulations with text messages and WhatsApp data captured, archived and
    eDiscovery ready.
  2. AI moderation stops data leaks and risky messages before they reach the client.
  3. Convenient organization and separation of Business versus Personal mobile communications.
  4. You can SMS enable your existing office landline number.
  5. Automatic Reply feature allows you to automatically notify clients when you are unavailable, i.e., in a meeting, out of office, outside office hours.
  6. You can use the same business phone number on multiple mobile devices or from a web browser to send and receive messages and calls with clients, and they will all be captured for compliance.
  7. Messaging Templates allow you to pre-define commonly used messages and send them quickly for more efficient messaging, i.e., disclaimer and consent configurations, sending a link to schedule a meeting, creating a link to a document in box™, Microsoft OneDrive or another secure file sharing platform and sending.
  8. Scheduled Messaging feature allows you to send notifications of upcoming appointments.
  9. Dispatch feature allows you to message multiple clients at one time without exposing their information to each other.
  10. Security: your communications are encrypted in transit and at rest.