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Social Media + Mobile = New Privacy and Security Risks

webinarWhat increased 66 percent in the span of just a few months? The amount of court cases where social media content was key evidence. That trend means it’s a matter of when, not if, your organization winds up embroiled in a case centering around social content.

Skeptical? Consider how the selection of social media services keeps increasing. Some are designed for business communications, such as Yammer. Most are for consumers but wind up in the workplace because employees love the convenience, like the rogue Wi-Fi access points they installed 10 to 15 years ago.

All of that adds up to more and more opportunities for legal action, including steep fines for not complying with regulations regarding tracking of business communications. In fact, the No. 1 source of FINRA fines in 2013 was noncompliance with electronic messaging laws.1

This highlights another growing challenge: text messaging. It’s now second only to email as the most common way employees communicate, and 25 percent of what they text is confidential information such as customer data.2 Is your organization required to archive text messages and social content? And can you do it in a way that stands up to scrutiny by regulators or jurists?

We recently conducted a webinar with Actiance, a communications solution provider, designed to help businesses and other organizations successfully navigate the myriad of new privacy and security risks that come with workplace social media and mobile communications.

In under an hour, you’ll learn which five areas to focus on when developing a strategy to protect your company, your customers and your employees. You’ll also learn how to apply those tools and best practices across all mobile devices: not just company-issue smartphones and tablets, but also the employee-owned ones that many organizations now allow.

The webinar is available on demand for a limited time. Click here now to understand your risks and options.

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2 uSamp Survey, 2015


Brian Panicko is CellTrust’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales Strategy and responsible for leading sales and business acquisition. Under Brian’s leadership, CellTrust’s customer base has grown to over 1,000 organizations in the financial services, retail, healthcare, government, transportation, distribution, field services, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Joining CellTrust in 2007, Brian brings more than a decade of management experience having held leadership positions with JP Morgan Chase and Blockbuster Entertainment. While at JP Morgan Chase, Brian served as Vice President and Area Manager of Consumer Acquisition, responsible for a client portfolio of approximately 300 companies including 20 Fortune 500 enterprises. Brian holds an MBA in Business Administration and Management and a B.S. in Business Management and Finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

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