CellTrust SL2 on Samsung KNOX delivers a powerful enterprise mobility platform.

Samsung and CellTrust partnered to deliver a complete mobility solution for enterprises to holistically take control of their devices, applications and mobile communications. Samsung KNOX’s advanced controls allow organizations to monitor and manage Samsung-issued devices while CellTrust SL2™ delivers secure mobile communications in support of industry regulations and IT protocol to fully empower the mobile workforce.

Our Solution

Hardened Device

Samsung KNOX provides resilient mobile data protection by safeguarding the integrity of the entire device, from the hardware to the application layer—all without invading employee privacy by having separation of personal and business data.

Dual Persona

Employees can easily switch between the password-protected work container and personal apps with the freedom to customize their device for optimal user experience. Mobile business communications can be secure and archived, and IT can be confident that all company data is protected.

Tailored Security

Samsung KNOX protects sensitive data with identification measures such as fingerprint scanners, swipe patterns, and security PINs or passwords. Easy to manage and deploy across the organization, Samsung KNOX eliminates OS compromise, letting administrators monitor and control devices on the network across multiple mobile service providers.

Secure Messaging

Mobile device use for work is a growing concern among employers, specifically texting, which is favored by most employees for its convenience and immediate reach. CellTrust SL2™ encrypts all text messages exchanged in the Samsung KNOX environment to protect, archive and assure delivery of employee’s business text messages.

Secure Voice

The CellTrust SL2™ app captures all incoming and outgoing calls made within the Samsung KNOX environment, providing audio recordings to help meet supervision and compliance needs. Now it’s possible for businesses to allow employees to bring their own device—and be in support of compliance.

MDM Integration

KNOX Workspace can easily integrate with existing mobile device management, VPN and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to accelerate deployment. Email, voice calls and text messages are secured throughout the mobile workflow, protecting data shared between KNOX-secured apps and restricting data exposure to unapproved applications.

Features & Benefits

Integrated Business Communications

  • Contacts
  • Email
  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Browsing

Secure, End-to-End Enterprise Solutions

  • Secure messaging and voice
  • Mobile Business Number
  • Secure business contacts
  • SMS archiving compliance
  • On-demand voice recording
  • Business app workflow ready

Compliance Lockdown & Administrative Control

  • Disable Android messaging
  • Turn off SMS with carrier
  • Remote wipe of business data, personal data untouched
  • Personal email and apps accessible only outside of Samsung KNOX
  • Copy and paste allowed only outside of Samsung KNOX

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Designed for organizations managing Samsung devices and in need of a complete mobile solution with secure voice and secure SMS.

CellTrust SL2 on Samsung Knox

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We’re ready to help you meet evolving enterprise security needs with CellTrust SL2™ on Samsung KNOX™ to:

  • Separate enterprise and personal data with enhanced technology secure enough to run on government-grade networks
  • Protect and archive sensitive data in support of regulatory compliance
  • Empower your workforce with a complete mobile office and secure mobile communications, anywhere

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