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CellTrust SL2 Awarded Productivity App of the Year 2019

Great news out today! Our flagship SL2™ compliant enterprise SMS texting and voice platform for capturing and archiving mobile communication has been awarded Productivity App of the Year by Mobile Breakthrough.

CellTrust SL2 is a compliant enterprise SMS texting and voice platform for BYOD/COPE, integrated with a series of the largest Cloud Archive providers for Financial Services, Government and other highly regulated enterprises with advanced capture, supervisory control, e-discovery and audit readiness.

Since its launch in 2017 at the annual FINRA conference, the CellTrust SL2 mobile app has enabled tens of thousands of users within the highly regulated financial services, government and healthcare industries in over 100 countries to capture and archive their mobile communication and maintain compliance with rules, regulations and e-discovery.

“We extend a hearty congratulations to the entire CellTrust team for their success with the SL2 mobile solution as we recognize the Company with our 2019 Mobile Breakthrough Productivity App of the Year Award designation,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, Mobile Breakthrough. “We look forward to seeing continued success from CellTrust as they drive innovation in the mobile market.”

The mission of the annual Mobile Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of mobile and wireless technology categories, including Cloud Computing, Mobile Management, Wireless and Broadband, Mobile Analytics, IoT and Smart City and many more. All nominations were evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the wireless industry.

“We are thrilled to have our flagship SL2 app acknowledged for its contribution to mobile productivity by our peers within the wireless industry,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust Chairman and CEO. “Our vision has always been to contribute to a secure and compliant mobile-first world, while unleashing productivity and driving customer engagement. We thank Mobile Breakthrough for recognizing CellTrust’s innovation.”

In today’s complex, global regulatory environment in industries such as financial services, government and healthcare, financial advisors, government staff and healthcare professionals want to be able to respond to SMS messages or voice calls from their clients, constituents or patients on their mobile phones. The SL2 mobile app makes this possible, separating personal and work activity on the same smartphone delivering multi-device support, multiple phone numbers, SMS/text and voice capture, archiving and user management while driving productivity.

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