CellTrust Announces Beta Availability of CellTrust SL2™ at BlackBerry Security Summit

BLACKBERRY SECURITY SUMMIT, NEW YORK – July 19, 2016 – CellTrust Corporation, a global leader in traceable, secure mobile communication and message aggregation, continues to lead the enterprise BYOD industry with today’s beta availability announcement for CellTrust SL2™—the next generation of CellTrust SecureLine™ for mobile compliance enforcement.

CellTrust SL2™ makes a fundamental change from device to user centricity, helping organizations take full advantage of enterprise BYOD. With its unique user-based, multi-device access, real-time analytics and expanded desktop access and user management—CellTrust SL2™ delivers the usability and productivity benefits of BYOD while allowing organizations to manage, trace and archive mobile voice and SMS in support of compliance.

“The notion that controlling physical devices ensures mobile data security is not only impractical, but can lead to steep user-adoption challenges and compliance risks,” said Sean Moshir, Chairman and CEO of CellTrust. “With CellTrust SL2, we are fundamentally changing how organizations approach and manage BYOD. We are excited to bring our customers and partners into this next phase of the development cycle to establish a new level of standardization for BYOD adoption, integration and compliance.”

New CellTrust SL2™ features and enhancements include:

  • New UI/UX: Enhanced design and user-centric functionality for both iOS and Android delivers an enhanced mobile experience to foster enterprise adoption.
  • User-Based, Multi-Device Access: No longer tied to one device, users may access CellTrust SL2™ voice and messaging capabilities on registered smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Desktop Client: From multiple devices to the desktop, and even simultaneously, CellTrust SL2™ users can manage and send mobile communications where, when and how they choose.
  • Multiple Mobile Business Numbers (MBNs): Assign multiple MBNs to a single user, allowing professionals in finance, insurance, healthcare or other industries that work at multiple subsidiaries or regions of the world, to have specific numbers tied to those groups.
  • Email Journaling: CellTrust SL2™ provides app users an email summary of all messaging communications app-to-app and app-to-external contacts during the previous 24-hour period for easy recall.
  • User-Based Policies & Compliance: Grant limited system access based on job function, define distinct policy groups and push policies to users directly from the desktop client.

In addition to secure voice and SMS/MMS mobile communications on iOS and Android devices, CellTrust SL2™ is unique in that it offers traceability, management and archiving for business communications—without infringing on personal SMS and voice. This is made possible with the assignment of a Mobile Business Number (MBN).

Upon download, CellTrust SL2™ assigns an MBN to create a dual mobile persona—two numbers on one device—delivering two distinct phone lines, two contact lists and two SMS inboxes, to keep business and personal communications separate. This allows organizations to trace and archive business-only SMS and voice communications with clients outside of the organization, vital to e-discovery and regulatory compliance, including the Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and those put into effect by FINRA, the SEC and U.S. Federal Courts. CellTrust also partners with a number of leading EMM and long-term archiving providers to support an integrated, compliant BYOD solution.

To learn more about participating in the CellTrust SL2 private beta program, visit

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