CellTrust and GWAVA Provide Secure, Encrypted Mobile Communication Solution with Archiving to Support Compliance

New Software Sets Standard for Secure Mobile Communication in Regulated Industries, Including Financial Services, Government and Healthcare

Scottsdale, Ariz. – March 25, 2015 – CellTrust® Corporation, the global leader in traceable and secure mobile communication, and GWAVA®, the leading provider of archiving and e-discovery for electronic communication, today announced a joint offering which provides a secure, encrypted mobile communication solution with archiving to support compliance. The partnership between the companies extends solution capabilities to include long-term archiving of business mobile communication on iOS and Android devices.

CellTrust SecureLine™ and GWAVA’s Retain™ Unified Archiving provide a secure way to have long-term archiving of business mobile voice communication and SMS/text messaging, email, social media, instant messaging and web searches. Together, the companies offer a solution that supports mobile communication compliance for regulated industries, such as financial services, government and healthcare.

A major challenge for companies in regulated industries is meeting compliance requirements for electronic communication data. Historically, this data has resided on workplace computers and servers, but the increased use of mobile devices in the workplace has added complexity. To comply with industry regulations, companies must collect, archive and provide access to data from the point where it is generated as well as consumed—whether it is an office computer or a mobile phone or tablet.

“Regardless of the mobile device policy—corporate liable or bring your own device—organizations should separate personal data from corporate data,” said CellTrust CEO and Chairman Sean Moshir. “Organizations can accomplish this separation of data by incorporating a ‘dual persona’ approach into their mobile strategies. The concept of dual persona means that corporate data and personal data remain completely separate on the same smart device. CellTrust assigns a mobile business number—with a separate contact list and SMS inbox—to the employee’s own device so it is like having two phones within one device. This empowers the employees without impacting corporate data security and compliance efforts.”

“With the addition of Retain Unified Archiving to the CellTrust SecureLine solution, organizations have the best possible solution for secure, encrypted and compliant communications for iOS and Android platforms,” said GWAVA CEO Ken Muir. “Retain Unified Archiving ensures organizations meet their security and regulatory compliance requirements by archiving all critical business communications in email, social, instant messaging, web search and mobile electronic communication.”

CellTrust SecureLine, Retain Unified Archiving, and the Retain CellTrust SecureLine Collector is commercially available now to organizations on Android and iOS. For more information, visit

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