CellTrust and GWAVA Announce a Joint Offering Agreement to Provide Secure, Encrypted and Compliant Mobile Communication and Unified Archiving

Scottsdale, Ariz. – October 6, 2014 – CellTrust® Corporation, the global leader in traceable and secure mobile communication, today announced a joint offering agreement with GWAVA®, the leading provider of compliance, security, archiving and e-discovery for electronic communication. As part of this engagement, GWAVA will expand its Retain™ Unified Archiving of email, social media and mobile electronic communication to include secure, encrypted and compliant communication for iOS and Android utilizing CellTrust SecureLine™.

This joint offering combines CellTrust SecureLine™, Retain Unified Archiving, and the Retain CellTrust SecureLine Collector to support secure, encrypted mobile messaging compliance for regulated organizations around the world.

The enterprise environment has changed. It is now the CIO’s responsibility to collect, archive and provide access to electronic communication data from the point where it is generated and consumed. If this data is collected, archived, and accessible, when an audit ensues, the organization is prepared. Unfortunately, this data, such as SMS and voice calls, are being generated and consumed outside the digital walls of the traditional IT environment, thus creating a gap between business data and the ability to archive and access this data. This strategic partnership between CellTrust and GWAVA, will lay the foundation for organizations to solve a fundamental need to stay compliant with industry regulations by securely encrypting and archiving SMS, voice, email and social media communication data for iOS and Android devices. In addition, CellTrust’s Mobile Business Number (MBN) assists organizations with BYOD and COPE policies by assigning a second number to the employee’s device without having to use an additional SIM. The MBN is completely autonomous from the phone’s actual number by having its own SMS and voice communication, logs and archives. The MBN was specifically designed to keep corporate and personal communication entirely separate.

“In order to enhance mobile strategies, organizations must have secure mobile communication and archive these communications to ensure complete protection and compliance. This is especially true for regulated industries. That is only one part of the solution. Companies must incorporate dual persona into their mobile strategies, so corporate data and personal data remain completely separate on the same device,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust’s CEO and Chairman. “CellTrust SecureLine and GWAVA’s Retain Mobile will make this possible.”

“GWAVA Retain unified archiving ensures organizations meet their security and regulatory compliance requirements by archiving all critical business communications in email, social and mobile messaging.” States Ken Muir, CEO of GWAVA, “The partnership between GWAVA’s and CellTrust delivers to the market the best possible solution for secure, encrypted and compliant communications for the iOS and Android platforms”. GWAVA and CellTrust will be at the Gartner Symposium/IT Expo, October 5 through October 9, 2014. For more information, please stop by the GWAVA booth # 636 or visit

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For more than a decade GWAVA has delivered compliance, security, archiving and e-discovery of electronic communication for thousands of organizations with millions of users around the world. GWAVA is the trusted partner that secures and protects the world’s most critical messaging infrastructures. GWAVA is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec with offices throughout the US, Germany, and the United Kingdom. GWAVA maintains a network of global strategic partners with BlackBerry, Microsoft, Novell and Verizon among others to ensure widespread access to GWAVA’s leading edge solutions. GWAVA’s key industry verticals include, Government, Education, Financial Services, Legal, and Healthcare. Information on GWAVA can be found at

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