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CellTrust's SecureSMS® technology provides a mobile world of trust with a pioneering, HIPAA, FIPS, FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant turnkey system for management of encrypted text messaging wherever you are.

CellTrust's pioneering use of the mobile network control channel and it's first-of-kind secure global gateway connecting to 800+ carriers in over 200 countries enables CellTrust SecureSMS® to deliver a suite of leading-edge mobile security features meeting HIPAA, FIPS, FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other global compliance standards.

As the demand for SMS delivered services continues to grow exponentially, carriers, governments, healthcare organizations, banks and financial service providers among other industries, have turned to CellTrust SecureSMS to help them enable mobile processes and protect sensitive and often critical information.

CellTrust SecureSMS features include: end-to-end 256 bit AES encryption; extended message size up to 5000 characters; unique handset decryption key; security policies pushed to the handset; delivery status and reception acknowledgement; discreet message life and recall; secured contact listings; failed login and remote wiping for protection and removal of discreet data and full audit tracking and reporting.

CellTrust SecureSMS enables mobile transactions, contactless payments and Location Based Services (LBS,) email to secure text message / secure text message to email conversion and easily integrates with CRMs and EMRs. It turns everyday mobile phones into HIPAA compliant clinician notification devices for time sensitive, critical and confidential patient information. And it's state-of-the-art military strength AES encryption makes it suitable for covert operations and secure industrial communications.

Secure Mobile TransactionsCellTrust SecureSMS is designed to seamlessly run on various types of feature phones as well as smart phones on both SIM and non-SIM devices (GSM and CDMA) across all major mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian).

Available as SaaS or enterprise-ready, carrier-ready, handset manufacturer-ready Appliance, CellTrust SecureSMS is an award winning, global, mobile text messaging solution certified with major carriers, operating systems, and manufacturers.