We know it’s not easy. In today’s complex, rapidly changing IT environment, businesses are in need of a trusted partner—one that stays on top of developing technologies and device capabilities—and understands how leading with a mobile-first strategy can result in big enterprise gains. That’s where CellTrust steps in as a trusted advisor, partner and expert, dedicated to guiding you through planning, integration, implementation and execution, resulting in a successful mobile-first strategy.

Founded by leaders in Internet and mobile security, and driven by a team passionate about empowering a mobile world, CellTrust equips your workforce with the most complete, secure and integrated mobile enterprise solutions.

Our Products

CellTrust SL2™—comprised of SecureVoice™ and SecureSMS™—empowers the workforce with seamless mobile communications that can be secured, traced and archived. The powerful app supports enterprise mobile communication, eDiscovery and compliance to give leading organizations a competitive advantage by balancing mobile productivity, risk and control.

CellTrust also offers an SMS Prime Message mobile engagement solution used by organizations to send real-time, personalized messages to consumers, employees, constituents and more. CellTrust’s multi-channel SMS Gateway hosts some of the most prestigious and high-profile brands, allowing them to create valuable mobile experience without having to invest in expensive infrastructure or upfront development costs. From our comprehensive short code services suite to robust API integration tools, CellTrust helps organizations increase engagement, boost loyalty and drive results.

Our Solutions

Whether it’s allowing your vast network of financial services professionals to engage in secure mobile business conversations, next-generation paging capabilities for healthcare providers, or ensuring staff privacy in accordance with federal and local regulations—CellTrust offers tailored solutions for the following highly regulated industries.


At CellTrust, our award-winning security and mobility products are fundamentally transforming the way enterprises communicate and work. The dedication, expertise and innovation we build into our solutions are integral to who we are and how we work. If you’re passionate about all things mobile or interested in building an exciting career in cybersecurity—we’re looking for the best people to join our team.

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Executive Team

United by a passion to empower the world’s organizations through mobility, brothers and co-founders Sean and Kevin Moshir, have built a team of experts spanning all aspects of mobile technology. The CellTrust executive team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to this young and innovative company. They cultivate our strong vision, and work tirelessly to help our team scale and succeed at all levels of the organization.

Board of Directors

Members of the CellTrust Board of Directors share their substantial leadership experience and industry knowledge to help guide CellTrust’s actions and success.

Sean Moshir

Chairmain & Chief Executive Officer


Bob Lettieri

Chief Financial Officer


Kevin Moshir

Chief Operating Officer


Nate Locke

Managing Director

Kayne Anderson

Stuart Browne

General Partner & Chief Executive Officer 

Kastle Capital

Advisory Board

CellTrust’s Board of Advisors consists of experts and thoughtleaders from healthcare, financial services and telecommunications. Our Advisory Board provides industry and consumer insights to help develop the next generation of secure mobile communication and mobile engagement solutions.

Robert A. Greenes

Ira A. Fulton Chair & Professor,
Biomedical Informatics

Arizona State University

Tony Hashemian

Assistant Dean, Global Oral Health
A.T. Still University

AZ School of Dentistry & Oral Health

Joan Koerber-Walker

President & Chief Executive Officer 

AZBio Association

Alex Sion



Terence “TC” Caston

Senior Director, Sales Engineering

Cellebrite USA

Ron Schott

Executive Emeritus

AZ Technology Council