CellTrust SecureSMS® SDK

SecureSMS SDK connects your application to CellTrust SecureSMS Gateway to communicate with mobile devices.

CellTrust SecureSMS SDK is a comprehensive package to help you with the proof of concept, implementation of SecureSMS Gateway, and deployment of Micro Clients. SecureSMS SDK includes:

  • Credentials for HTTPS access to SecureSMS Gateway
  • Credentials for accessing SecureSMS Gateway portal
  • Documentation and sample codes for SecureSMS APIs
  • Licenses for APIs, gateway access and sample codes
  • Enrollment into the CellTrust Developers Program with an additional 1000 SMS credits
  • Phone, forums, and email support
  • Development support
  • Consulting, professional services, and training

SecureSMS APIs include functionality such as:

  • Sending secure message
  • Receiving secure message
  • Determine if a handset can receive secure messages
  • Update the delivery and opened status of a message
  • Remotely wipe a handset of data

To start your SecureSMS integration, please contact CellTrust today, or reach us by phone at +1(480) 515-5200 option 1.