CellTrust Supports Text2Floss Pilot Study at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health of A.T. Still University

CellTrust and A.T. Still University to Provide Program Promoting Preventative and Ongoing Initiatives of Health and Wellness

Scottsdale, Ariz. – January 18, 2012 – CellTrust Corporation, the recognized worldwide leader in secure mobile messaging and secure applications for mobile phones announced today that the company has teamed up with A.T. Still University (ATSU), Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH) to devise a series of text message programs designed to reach, educate, and remind current patients and the underserved, to promote preventative and ongoing health and wellness initiatives. ATSU will be represented at the upcoming AEEDC Dubai 2012 UAE international dental conference later this month.

The pilot Text2Floss project was founded by Tony S. Hashemian, D.D.S. , Assistant Dean to Global Oral Health at ASDOH, who explained, “The Mission of the Global Oral Health program at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health is to create Global Oral Health Solutions through improving oral health, leadership development, innovation, dental education, new technology, and the promotion of peace through collaboration and the provision of compassionate care to the underserved locally and worldwide.”

Dr. Hashemian continued, “Health and wellness organizations are in need of a mobile solution that turns the already ubiquitous SMS text messaging medium into a powerful, HIPAA compliant communications tool; enabling healthcare organizations and vendors to communicate patient data and other medical information via secure text messaging to clinicians’ and patients’ mobile devices.”

CellTrust’s founder and CEO, Sean Moshir, added, “With a secure SMS solution, organizations are able to send and receive text messages with real-time Protected Health Information (PHI) from personal mobile phones, web-portal interfaces, email exchange servers, electronic medical records, customer relationship management systems, lab systems, and other applications.”

By directly providing physicians and clinicians with required patient information to make informed decisions, a secure SMS solution improves the quality of healthcare with decreased response times and accurate decision-making, allowing for quicker interventions and improved patient outcome.

CellTrust’s global patents-pending SecureSMS®

  • Removes security obstacles for text messages that contain Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Improves response time and decision-making by delivering complete patient information directly to on-call clinicians’ mobile phones
  • Eliminates the need for doctors to access a network connection
  • Provides greater mobility
  • Opens up secure two-way mobile communication for clinicians
  • Provides secure end-to-end encryption that meets the highest international security standards
  • Provides each handset with its own unique decryption key which is always changing based on policy
  • Allows you to push security policies directly to the handset
  • Provides communication over SMS control channel (resilient and supported by all global operators)
  • Includes delivery, open and delete acknowledgement
  • Enables messages up to 5,000 characters
  • Includes Message Life, which determines life span of message
  • Provides optional message archiving for reporting and compliancy
  • PIN access control to SecureSMS application
  • Provides separate secured contact list with import capability
  • Integrates with CellTrust SecureSMS Gateway, accessing over 200 countries
  • Enables remote data wipe in case of loss or unauthorized access attempts
  • Is an award winning and certified with major operators, operating systems and handset manufacturers

The implications of applicability, and potential of these types of services, are as far reaching and diverse as the varying specializations of the field of health and medicine — from pediatrics to geriatrics and from mental health and wellness to nutrition.

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CellTrust SecureSMS Enterprise appliance was named winner of many industry awards by CTIA, Mobile Marketing Association, RCR Magazine, MobileTrax, and more.

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