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CellTrust is changing the mobile capture paradigm
While the regulatory technology to capture and archive mobile communication is well established, mobile messaging leak prevention, moderation, and gateway hold are not.

Organizations operating within highly regulated industries such as financial services, government and healthcare have long been required to implement robust policies and supervisory systems to capture and archive electronic communications.

Additionally, the requirements to monitor and analyze electronic communications for conduct violations such as abusive or threatening language, offensive or adult content, or the disclosure of sensitive or confidential personal information are becoming more stringent and enforcement more frequent.

Stopping potentially libelous content in its tracks
SL2 Moderator AI gives compliance leaders the control to stop compliance breaches, data leakage and reputational damage before it happens. Potentially inappropriate content conflicting with enterprise policies is automatically detected, blocked, or flagged for review before being processed through the gateway, protecting the organization from compliance breaches, financial penalties and reputational damage.

“It is no longer enough to just capture and provide data to compliance departments after it has been shared with clients,” explains Sean Moshir, CellTrust Chairman and CEO. “CellTrust is changing the mobile capture paradigm and taking it one step further by preventing data leaks and risky, potentially libelous content from being processed through the messaging gateway before it can reach clients.”

SL2 Moderator AI helps prevent sensitive data leakage
Leveraging leading-edge AI with advanced decision making features, SL2 Moderator AI scans mobile communication content over the SL2™ channel for:

  • Profanity
  • Offensive content
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Suggestive content
  • Personal data


Predefined or fully customizable moderation
SL2 Moderator AI automatically analyzes SMS, chat and WhatsApp messages over the SL2 channel within a predefined moderation template. Compliance teams wanting more control can set or adjust moderation policies or add a custom list of words or specific content strings to be flagged.

High risk messages are flagged for review and held at the gateway
SL2 channel SMS, chat and WhatsApp messages with a high risk score are automatically detected and held for review. The moderator can approve or block the message and the sender will automatically be notified. Compliance leaders can set the tone for business conduct within the enterprise mobile channel and prevent data leakage and other libelous content.

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