CellTrust Corporation Introduces SecureSMS TRACK ANYWHERE to Archive Standard SMS Text Messages between Customers and Financial Institutions without an APP on Customers’ phones

CellTrust’s New Compliant Secure Mobile Communication Solution for Financial Services SecureSMS TRACK for Samsung Mobile SAFE™ Smartphones and Tablets Enables Financial Institutions to Control and Archive the Mobile Communication Channel without Impacting the Customer Experience

Scottsdale, Ariz. – May 20, 2013 – CellTrust Corporation, the recognized worldwide leader in secure mobile communication (, today announced the launch of CellTrust SecureSMS® TRACK™, developed specifically for the financial services industry, featuring CellTrust’s compliant messaging and voice technology and the enhanced security the Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (“Samsung Mobile”) SAFE™ Application Programming Interface (API) provides

SecureSMS TRACK ANYWHERE allows employees to communicate with each other with encrypted text messages inside the financial institution. When customers outside the financial institution contact their investment advisor with standard SMS – the text exchange is automatically archived per regulatory compliance without the need for an APP on the customers’ phones. Should an employee no longer be with the firm, or be out of the office, the administrator can redirect the customer’s text and voice calls to another employee without impacting the customer experience.

CellTrust will launch its SecureSMS TRACK solution at booth #37 at FINRA’s 2013 Annual Conference taking place in Washington, DC, on May 20 – 22, 2013.

Since 2009, the pressure to secure the mobile financial communication channel has increased dramatically as financial institutions around the world have cumulatively paid billions in fines for a range of financial communication and other violations – many of which were conducted through non-compliant electronic communication channels – many of them mobile. Regulatory scrutiny is expected to grow as smartphones and tablet devices begin to play an ever more important role in the life of both financial service professionals and their customers.

“We’re looking forward to working with CellTrust to address the unique needs of the financial services industry,” said Tim Wagner, Vice President & General Manager of the Enterprise Business Unit at Samsung Mobile. “By embracing our SAFE (Samsung For Enterprise) platform, CellTrust helps bring regulatory compliance to market through our portfolio of highly-desirable mobile devices.”

CellTrust SecureSMS TRACK has been engineered specifically for the financial services sector with compliance in mind on the CellTrust SecureCORE™ – comprised of the Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) Platform, SecureSMS Gateway, and the Financial Grade Communication Integration Server (FGCIS). CellTrust’s FGCIS resides within the CellTrust SecureCORE providing a safe, redundant, auditable, and traceable means to protect and track mobile financial communication inside or outside the financial institution. CellTrust is the only Secure SMS technology provider with a dedicated SMS gateway capable of dual-channel (Data/Wi-Fi and TCCC failover) communication protected through military grade 256 bit AES encryption.

CellTrust SecureSMS TRACK ANYWHERE connects customers with their investment and financial advisors while enabling regulatory compliance of the mobile communication channel,” said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman of CellTrust Corporation. “SecureSMS TRACK ANYWHERE works with either Corporate Liable or BYOD mobile strategies and keeps the financial institution in control of all mobile communication with their customers.”

About CellTrust Corporation
CellTrust is a leading provider of Secure Mobile Communication and Mobile Aggregation for Healthcare, Government, Financial Services, and Enterprise across 200+ countries and over 800 carriers and mobile operators, with compliance to HIPAA, FIPS, SOX and FISMA. CellTrust SecureSMS® is available as an industry specific solution; CellTrust SecureSMS® PULSE™ for secure mobile healthcare communication; CellTrust SecureSMS® TRACK™ for secure mobile financial communication; CellTrust SecureSMS® VENTURE™ for secure mobile enterprise communication and CellTrust SecureSMS®COMMAND™ for secure mobile government communication.

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