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Secure Mobile Communication for Enterprise

CellTrust SecureSMS VENTURE is a secure mobile communication solution featuring CellTrust’s Enterprise Level Secure Communication Server (ELSCS) and award-winning SecureSMS App.

Secure Communication EnterpriseSecureSMS® VENTURE provides enterprise with a secure mobile communication solution featuring secure SMS, secure voice and secure messaging through email.

CellTrust is the only Secure SMS technology provider with their own dedicated SMS gateway capable of dual-channel (Data/Wi-Fi and TCCC failover) communication protected through military grade 256 bit AES encryption.

Billions have been levied in penalties over the last five years for non-compliance

Since 2009 billions in fines have been paid for a range of communication compliance violations - many of which were conducted through non-compliant electronic communication channels - many of them mobile. Regulatory scrutiny is expected to grow and as smartphones begin to exceed the number of PC’s in the world, the pressure to secure the mobile enterprise communication channel will also increase dramatically.

SecureSMS VENTURE provides a secure, compliant, redundant, auditable and traceable solution
for electronic recordkeeping, supervision and sensitive data protection for mobile enterprise communication

Key Functionality

  • Corporate Liable or BYOD (Individual Liable)
  • Operating system agnostic
  • Cross-carrier support
  • Military grade end-to-end AES encryption up to 256 bit
  • Automatically archives all SMS text communication
  • eDiscovery/audit ready on all SMS text communication
  • Automatically archives all SMS text communication
  • Employee: import your active directory and communicate
  • Clients: import your client contacts directly from your phone
  • Groups: Administrator defined group messaging and employee created group messaging
  • 800 mobile carriers across 200+ countries
  • SecureSMS includes API for integration with Enterprise Information Archiving and Social Media Compliance providers

CellTrust SecureSMS VENTURE has been engineered specifically for the enterprise sector on the CellTrust SecureCORE - comprised of the Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) Platform, SecureSMS Gateway, and the Enterprise Level Secure Communication Server (ELSCS).

CellTrust’s ELSCS resides within the CellTrust SecureCORE providing a safe, redundant, auditable, and traceable means to protect and track mobile enterprise communication inside or outside the organization. ELSCS connects to CellTrust’s SecureSMS gateway and is managed through secure, user friendly, interactive, web-based VENTURE Operator Portals.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more or have one of our sales engineers call you back to discuss your requirements.