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Secure Calls & SMS

Patented SecureSMS® and SecureVoice™ ensure communications are time and date stamped, tracked, logged and archived to help safeguard the enterprise.

Separate MBN

Makes seamless BYOD deployments possible by assigning a separate Mobile Business Number (MBN) on iOS and Android devices enabling business calls to be made on the MBN instead of the user’s personal number.


Keep up with evolving regulations with the ability to preserve, extract and search business communications on mobile devices for related eDiscovery compliance.

Safeguard assets

The company controls the MBN assigned to the device. If an employee leaves, the business number and associated contacts stay with the company.


Personal Data

Enables selective wiping so that only business data is deleted. Personal data and apps on BYO devices remain untouched.

Employee Choice

Empower employees to work where, when and how they choose for maximum flexibility and productivity.

Real-Time Exchanges

Receive messages in real time, including automatic notifications with a complete audit trail of when messages are sent, delivered, opened and answered.

User Experience

Enhanced user experience helps drive employee adoption, enables productivity and reinforces a positive mobile experience for enterprise BYOD success.

Voice Calls



Patented SecureVoice™ captures all incoming and outgoing calls made on a mobile device and provides audio recordings to help meet supervision and compliance needs. Now it’s possible for businesses to issue their workforce with an Apple iOS™ based or Android™ based mobile phone, or allow employees to bring their own devices—and be in support of compliance.


Ensure calls made to and from the Mobile Business Number are in support of HIPAA, SOX, SEC, GLB and the Dodd-Frank Act in the United States; FSA and FCA in the United Kingdom; and MiFID II in Europe among others.

Dual Persona

Employees can confidently communicate with colleagues, partners and clients knowing that their personal communications remain private. Businesses have assurance that corporate assets, intellectual property and client contacts are protected.

Secure Voice

Powerful encryption and traceability for highly sensitive calls using WiFi, 3G, 4G and LTE network protocols for reliability and cost savings on roaming.

Single Number Reach

Redirect calls to any phone or device giving employees the ability to engage in secure business calls.

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All text messages sent using the app are time and date stamped, tracked, logged and can be archived for eDiscovery. The dual persona feature allows organizations to apply policies—such as data erasure and archiving only to the business data—as opposed to other solutions that archive at the carrier level or use device syncing, where all communication data from the device is archived.


All text communications sent using the app can be time and date stamped, tracked, logged and archived for eDiscovery in support of compliance demands.

Secure Messaging

A mix of server registration, multi-factor authentication and encryption, featuring unique dynamic keys and full key lifecycle management.

Email Journaling

Email journaling provides CellTrust SL2™ app users an email summary of all messaging communications app-to-app and app-to-external contacts during the previous 24-hour period.

Discrete Message Lifespan

Define the duration of a sent message’s availability and storage on the receiving device.

Message Status

Know when a message has been delivered, opened and deleted.

Urgent Messaging

Ability to override the silent mode of a device for urgent messages.


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Desktop Client


CellTrust understands that BYOD success starts and ends with the user. That’s why CellTrust SL2™ offers a desktop client that delivers both secure messaging functionality and calling capability, in parallel with the mobile application. Our user-centric management allows employees to have their account on more than one device with the ability to securely connect and communicate with messaging systems at remote office locations via both BYOD and the desktop simultaneously. Additional management features and benefits include:

  • At-a-Glance Dashboard
  • Address Book
  • My Profile
  • My Contacts
  • My MBNs
  • My Devices
  • My Policies
  • Report Center



In today’s highly connected world, where we can easily make a call or send a message with sensitive business or personal information, it is critical to protect and archive business mobile communications. To help mitigate risk and respond to eDiscovery and compliance demands, CellTrust SL2™ offers comprehensive reporting, audit trails, traceability and archiving. Also, all administrative and operator activities are logged for server audit trails, and intrusion attempts are logged for intrusion detection reports.

SMS & Voice Archiving: Keep electronic records of text messages and phone logs ahead of regulatory audits

Meet Regulatory Compliance  & Evidentiary Standards: Including the Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and those put into effect by the SEC, FINRA and the U.S. Federal Courts

Monitor Business Usage: Ensure compliance with corporate BYOD policies

Searches: Quickly access archived data in context with built-in search tools

Reporting: Leverage administrative access in order to audit content, receive intrusion reports and follow audit trails

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