CellTrust SecureLine provides government agencies with secure mobile solutions while protecting the individuals and missions associated with highly sensitive data

While agencies are leveraging enterprise mobility to manage mobile environments across devices, applications, content and networks, the critical component of secure mobile communication must be addressed to achieve true security and a fully optimized mobile solution. CellTrust SecureLine™ delivers that complete solution through mobile voice and messaging that can be secured, traced and archived to ultimately help agencies increase productivity, quickly engage with public constituents, improve service and reduce operating costs.

Our Solution

Multiple Devices

For many government employees, consolidating work and personal use into a single device creates an advantage by eliminating the complexity, security risks and inconvenience of managing multiple devices.

Mobile Compliance

Provides government entities SecureVoice™ and SecureSMS™ for internal communications, and the ability to monitor and archive mobile communications that occur with external agency contacts.


From civil and armed services to federal agents and field services, mobility allows government personnel to work where, when and how they choose for maximum flexibility and productivity.

Modernize communications

In support of the U.S. Digital Government Strategy outlining the need for government agencies to modernize communications with citizens, CellTrust fully supports this endeavor through our innovative mobile solutions.

web-based admin portal

CellTrust SecureLine™ is managed through a user friendly, web-based admin portal. The admin portal acts as a secure, FIPS 140-2 validated online dispatcher allowing staff to manage communications from a centralized location.

mobile-first strategy

A number of agencies are collaborating to use mobility to help transform the public sector. At CellTrust, our solution engineers stay on top of developing technologies and device capabilities to truly understand how leading with a mobile-first strategy can support long-term investments.

Features & Benefits



Powerful encryption in transit or at rest, and traceability for highly sensitive data

Dual Persona

A separate SMS inbox, contact list, phone log and number separates business from personal communications


Device and carrier agnostic to support BYOD, COPE, COBO and mixed mobile strategies


Senders receive proof their secure message are delivered, opened or deleted


Government-wide platform to deliver mobile services to a highly distributed workforce


Apply remote wipe if any device is lost, stolen or compromised


Improve disaster preparedness, collaboration and mission-critical response time


Redirect calls to any phone or device, giving staff the ability to engage in secure communications

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CellTrust recognizes the importance of data security and integrity in industries that require the highest levels of validated encryption. Our FIPS 140-2 certification demonstrates our dedication to protecting the data of government organizations and corporations, and to engineering a solution that is designed to meet the most rigorous security standards in the world. CellTrust SecureLine™ also supports compliance with FISMA, FOIA, Sunshine Laws, and Public Records and Open Meetings acts. Additionally, under the Open Records law, government agencies are required to capture and archive mobile communications—including mobile communications of officials which are a matter of public record.

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FIPS 140-2

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