Internet security veterans at the forefront of mobile security

2006: Founded CellTrust Corporation

2007: Launched CellTrust Secure Mobile Information Management platform and SecureWallet offering; acquired PrimeMessage; launched SMSGateway™, CampusReact™ and FlightAssist™

2008: Launched CellTrust SecureSMS to over 200 countries and 800 carriers and are honored with multiple awards including: CTIA Emerging Technology Finalist Award, the Fierce 15 Top Emerging Wireless Companies 2008 Award, and the Best of WiMAX World EMEA 2008 Industry Choice Award. CellTrust and a Young School in Harlem also inspire the Mobile Industry to win the prestigious Global MMA Award for Relationship Building

2009: Launched first Secure SMS Appliance for Global Enterprise; Honored with multiple awards including: Governor’s Celebration of Innovation Award, Product of the Year / 2008, Tomorrow’s Technology Today, Enterprise Enabler RCR Ecosystem Award

2010: Received MobileTrax 2010 Mobility Award, and the 2010 Mobile Merit Award in the Mobile Services, enterprise product or service category, for CellTrust SecureSMS™

2011: Celcom, the largest Mobile Operator in Malaysia, offers CellTrust SecureSMS® to millions of subscribers. CellTrust SecureSMS® 3.0 is released; Received TMC 2011 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award, Secure Mobile Transaction Server recognized for exceptional innovation;

2012: Recognized as 54th Fastest Growing Telecommunications Company in Inc. 500/5000 List; Recipient of the Innovator of Year Award, Governor’s Celebration of Innovation by Arizona Technology Council; Acquired mobile marketing company RevMobile; Introduced CellTrust SecureVoice™ to deliver encrypted voice communications and protect private conversations; Launched HIPAA Compliant Communication Server to provide Secure SMS, Secure Voice and Secure Email for mobile devices and tablets

2013: Launched the CellTrust Secure Mobile Communication product suite - PULSE (Healthcare), TRACK (Financial Services), COMMAND (Government) and VENTURE (Enterprise); Launched a T-Mobile CellTrust exclusive 4-Digit Priority Code for critical messages over the control channel; CellTrust becomes a SAMSUNG GOLD Enterprise Partner for secure mobile communication; Samsung and CellTrust partner to offer a pager replacement solution for critical healthcare communication

CellTrust® Corporation

CellTrust is the world's leading provider of mobile communication security and preeminent supplier of Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM).

CellTrust's advanced security products are easy to use, deployment-ready, and standards compliant. CellTrust meets the highest demands of ever-growing mobile-user requirements. Enterprises are embracing the mobile phone as the most efficient and productive tool in their communication arsenal. Text messaging has become a critical component of mobile communications due to its ease of use and pervasive acceptance. The use of text messaging continues to proliferate, and so does the need to secure sensitive information sent through this medium. CellTrust has a rich history of creating commercial-grade advanced security products and is always prepared to meet the next security challenges.

Since 2006, CellTrust has broken new ground in advancing mobile security. With the introduction of world's first carrier-grade secure SMS product in 2008, CellTrust developed a revolutionary security approach to safeguard the most popular feature on mobile phones. Since its introduction, CellTrust SecureSMS® has received numerous awards and has been deployed with carriers, businesses, and governments around the globe.

In addition, CellTrust is an SMS Gateway Service Provider with global coverage reaching more than 200 countries and over 800 mobile operators. CellTrust's Multi-Channel 2-Way SMS Gateway processes over a quarter billion messages annually and hosts some of the most prestigious and high profile mobile marketing campaigns. As an application provider, CellTrust offers a vast range of products and services that have helped its customers distinguish themselves in the market and gain industry recognition.

To effectively address today’s mobile security demands, CellTrust believes in actively participating in organizations and committees that shape the security policies. To that end, CellTrust works closely with regulating bodies and has development partnerships with mobile operators and major device manufacturers throughout the world.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, CellTrust also has a global presence with offices in the UK, Australia, and Singapore.

CellTrust® Today

Secure, Intelligent and Timely

The CellTrust brand says it simply – we are here to provide you and your customers with a trustworthy mobile experience. The way we work reflects the values we hold in high esteem. Through secure, intelligent, and timely mobile solutions, we provide our customers with the technological foundation to grow their businesses.

Secure: CellTrust works closely with industry partners to place security high on the mobile agenda, thus removing obstacles for growth while fostering collaboration and building an impressive knowledge base around mobile security. CellTrust understands securing the mobile channel is a key factor in overcoming many of the obstacles to successfully delivering branded products and services to the handset.

Intelligent: CellTrust brings first-of-its-kind Micro Client technology and a global Secure SMS Gateway to the market to intelligently manage, deliver, and protect the integrity of information and transactions, while building a trustworthy mobile experience for you and your customers.

Timely: Timeliness is critical in supporting information flow, business processes, campaigns, and most importantly, to building trust. CellTrust makes timeliness a priority in all its interactions with you, across its product offerings, and in its ability to deliver your valued messages, products, and services via the mobile device.

Security Focused

Security starts at home

CellTrust's Data Centers provide a secure computing environment suitable for hosting critical applications and sensitive data by creating an inside-out mobile security foundation capable of supporting a sophisticated Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) platform. The Data Center incorporates an uninterruptible power supply, physical access controls, disaster recovery systems, and high-levels of security management across all technology platforms ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer applications and data.

Eliminating costly downtime

Messaging gateways are judged by their ability to provide continuous operations and communication for the network services and to the customers they support. To maximize availability, CellTrust has developed an infrastructure that minimizes, and almost eliminates, the failures that cause downtime. CellTrust's world-class gateway is maintained on a 24x7 basis. During routine preventative maintenance where planned outages are scheduled, CellTrust customers are switched to the Company's highly secure, secondary Data Center in order to maintain uninterrupted operations. The CellTrust Multimodal gateway achieves high-availability by implementing a fully redundant, fault-tolerant, and concurrently maintainable IT and support infrastructure architecture in which all possible hard failures are predictable and deterministic.

CellTrust Implements Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in all Secure Mobile Products

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) specifies a FIPS-approved cryptographic algorithm that can be used to protect electronic data. AES was announced by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as U.S. FIPS PUB 197 (FIPS 197) [PDF] on November 26, 2001 and has been adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S. government. The AES algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that can encrypt (encipher) and decrypt (decipher) information. Encryption converts data to an unintelligible form called ciphertext; decrypting the ciphertext converts the data back into its original form, called plain text. AES is one of the most popular algorithms used in symmetric key cryptography.

Socially Responsible At CellTrust®

Viewing society as a whole

CellTrust often partners with like-minded organizations to extend the scope of the mobile device and its potential to contribute to society as a whole.

Kids Voting Arizona Initiative -
Kids Voting Arizona and the Arizona Bar Foundation

First Mobile-Based Interactive Youth Presidential Poll Program in the United States

CellTrust partnered with Kids Voting Arizona and the Arizona Bar Foundation to provide the Nation’s First Mobile-Based Interactive Youth Presidential Poll Program. The program was designed to engage young mobile phone users through their preferred medium, and encourage adult voter turnout by helping to stimulate family conversations within households, to emphasize the importance of participation in the democratic process, and the value and privilege of having a voice.

Kids Voting Arizona experienced a dramatic increase in the youths’ initial participation through early registrations, and a heightened retention of participation throughout the voting process.

Text2Floss -
A.T. Still University (ATSU) and Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH)

Promoting preventative and ongoing health and wellness initiatives

CellTrust partnered with A.T. Still University (ATSU), Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH), to promote preventative and ongoing health and wellness initiatives designed to reach, educate, and remind current patients and the underserved via the mobile device.

Proyecto Salta or “Project Leap” -
Thunderbird School of Global Management

CellTrust partnered with Thunderbird School of Global Management to extend education and training initiatives to women entrepreneurs in Peru, via the mobile channel. The Proyecto Salta, or “Project Leap” training is delivered to groups of 200 women at a time at seminars throughout Peru. In a country with one of the highest percentages of female entrepreneurs in the world, the program makes a huge impact, combining one-on-one mentoring, with access to microloans and other educational resources.