CellTrust® Mobile Banking, Payment and Finance Solution

Financial institutions around the world are rapidly implementing an SMS strategy to satisfy customer demand.

SMS offers numerous advantages compared to other forms of communication including speed, reliability, cost effectiveness, and non-invasive messaging. Every day organizations are finding new and exciting ways to capitalize on the flexibility of SMS. Consequently, as the use of SMS proliferates, so does the need to protect private or sensitive data. CellTrust developed CellTrust SecureSMS® to address the security limitations of standard SMS and to facilitate mobile banking.

SecureSMS® is a patent pending, highly secure, enterprise-ready SMS solution ideally suited for mobile banking operations requiring a high degree of data security. SecureSMS® is certifiable under FIPS 140-2 standards and is deliverable in several implementation models. is a robust and feature packed solution offering numerous enhancements to standard SMS including;

  • AES encryption (Up to 256 Bits)
  • Up to 5000 characters per message
  • Message status indication
  • Full audit, tracking and message reporting
  • Remote wipe capability
  • Message life span

Financial institutions around the globe are discovering the power and flexibility of SecureSMS®. SecureSMS® is ideally suited for secure and private financial transactions including:

Basic Mobile Banking:

  • Initiate account alerts
  • Account updates
  • Security alerts
  • Customer service via mobile
  • Transaction alerts
  • Branch or ATM location information
  • Mortgage alerts
  • Banking marketing campaigns

Advanced Mobile Banking:

  • Secure online payments with secure
    clients and downloadable applications
  • Secure alerts with high-risk data
  • Secure authentication
  • Secure fund transfer
  • Secure Peer to Peer transfer
  • Secure transaction verification
  • Secure Credit card activation or deactivation
  • Secure credit increase
  • Secure loan approval
  • Secure fraud protection

SecureSMS® offers two-factor authentication with a combination of the device ID (something you have) and a secure PIN (something you know) sent using a Hybrid AES / Public-Private Encryption Methodology. By using CellTrust's Mobile Banking and Finance solution, security is no longer an obstacle. The Secure Mobile Banking and Finance Solution from CellTrust offer automatic, transparent, and comprehensive audit trails that meet major compliancy requirements.

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Mobile Banking

CellTrust chose the ubiquity and familiarity of SMS upon which to base its SecureSMS solution. When combined with the CellTrust SecureSMS Gateway, which connects to over 200 countries and over 800 carriers, it provides an extremely secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective bridge to enterprise mobile banking systems and their customers. SecureSMS makes two-way mobile communication between the customer and the financial institution cost effective and secure.

SecureSMS consists of two core components: the SecureGateway Appliance, and the SecureSMS Micro Client. The SecureSMS Gateway facilitates SMS routing and connectivity and can be configured to interface with SMS aggregators, modems, or direct to carriers as an SMSC. A web-based portal requiring a secure login is used for configuration and management of the SecureSMS Gateway and SecureSMS policies.

The SecureSMS Micro Client is a lightweight software application that is easily installed on the mobile device, and has been designed to closely mirror the standard SMS application so familiar with users. Access to the SecureSMS Micro Client requires the user to enter a unique and personal PIN. Security features include an automatic time out that will close the client after a pre-defined period of inactivity and an automatic data wipe in the event a pre-defined number of incorrect PIN numbers are entered. The SecureSMS Micro Client is available for a variety of popular mobile devices. CellTrust is an approved mobile software developer for the following operating systems:

Blackberry, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Apple, and Android.

To learn more about the benefits of SecureSMS, please contact a CellTrust representative to schedule a free demonstration. Ask about our free Proof of Concept implementation to validate the benefits of SecureSMS within your organization.