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Smart Pager Replacement Solution

In a crisis, having reliable, efficient communication for hospital personnel and emergency responders can be a matter of life or death.

CellTrust SecureSMS® PULSE™ utilizes patent pending technology to deliver one of the highest levels of reliability in the healthcare industry using Data/Wi-Fi and the Telecommunication CriticalControl Channel (TCCC). SecureSMS PULSE, with its failover channel,compensates for many hospital “dead spots” and provides resilient paging to ensure the page or message arrives as it should.

CellTrust's pager replacement solution for critical messaging ensures that messages are delivered to the right people, at the right time; authenticating users, tracking receipts and responses, recording messages for audit, and ensuring a degree of security that exceeds regulatory requirements.

CellTrust provides turn-key solutions for pager replacement to ensure secure, compliant critical messaging and alerts for organizations requiring a high degree of security in critical communications. Utilize our systems to alert your personnel, authenticate their identity, confirm reception, and track and record responses.

Key Functionality

  • Secure SMS/text messaging up to 5,000 characters, secure two-way multi-channel paging, secure interactive text messaging, secure voice calls, and messaging through email
  • Device registration through two factor authentication verifying both the handset and the user
  • User friendly, interactive, web-based, Operator/Nursing Portal with ActiveSync® technology keeping contacts secure and up-to-date
  • Mobile device user control of current availability and customizable favorites and groups
  • Integration of Active Directory or LDAP technology on all corporate liable mobile devices and operator portals allowing for the ability to quickly access individuals or pre-defined groups
  • HIPAA compliant AES 256 bit end-to-end encryption. Data at rest or in-transit are fully encrypted with unique dynamic keys
  • Validated proof of delivery, opened/or deleted, audit trails and traceability for regulatory compliance
  • HIPAA compliant archiving services for application to device, operator to device, and device to device
  • Policy based administrator control of network including remote wipe, inactivity time-outs and lifespan control for messages residing on devices
  • For mission critical information, the encrypted communication is securely delivered via a secondary control channel for redundancy and failover when the data channel is unavailable or the signal is weak inside hospital “dead spots”
  • API’s available to integrate with third party providers

Healthcare Pager Replacement

CellTrust's pager replacement helps you migrate away from pagers and the multiple other communication devices currently being used by doctors, nurses, and medical staff, replacing legacy technology with the ability to consolidate all messaging needs on smartphone devices. Instantly send HIPAA compliant messages to staff, tracking and confirming when they are received and read.

Public Safety Pager Replacement

With CellTrust’s secure and compliant turn-key messaging solutions you can instantly alert first responders and keep incident commanders updated with real-time status that requires no call-backs and securely send, receive, track, and record all critical messages through a single mobile device.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more or have one of our sales engineers call you back to discuss your requirements.

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