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SL2 for compliance, productivity and security while working from home

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations, many Financial Advisors across the US, and indeed the world, are now working from home.  With unprecedented financial market dynamics at play, FA’s and financial institutions have been dealing with an onslaught of anxious Client calls, texts and emails, as Clients feel the urgent need to connect with their Financial Advisor – often several times per day.

As more and more FA’s are working remotely, CellTrust Sales and Customer Support Teams have been helping them manage this high level of Client engagement and maximize productivity, with the CellTrust SL2 secure, compliant enterprise-grade mobile communication platform.

Financial Advisors who were using office phone numbers as the primary channel for Client communication can now relax knowing that with the SL2 Voice feature:

  • Office phone numbers can be used for text messaging and calls
  • Calls made from the SL2 mobile app appear to the recipient as if they are coming from the FA’s office phone number
  • Calls are comparable to carrier voice calling quality with the SL2 SIM calling feature turned on
  • Customer calls made to the office phone number can be forwarded to SL2

Optionally, Financial Advisors and their organizations can capture and archive incoming and outgoing business calls and provide audio recordings to help meet supervision and compliance requirements.

The SL2 Voice feature combined with SL2 Text Messaging, helps Financial Advisors maximize productivity while responding to their Clients’ urgent questions and concerns and keeps workflows moving between Client and Advisor and between Advisors and their other colleagues who are also working remotely. FA’s can also create secure internal organizational group chats with unlimited participants to facilitate fast teamwide communication and SL2 integrates with their email, calendar, contacts and CRM.

Financial Advisors can alert Clients of an incoming email via a time saving text message, which is time and date stamped with confirmation when it is delivered and opened.  FA’s don’t need to worry about pings at 3:00 am, with the SL2 Out-of-Office Auto-Reply SMS, Clients will know when their Advisor will be getting back to them.

Financial organizations and Advisors can also choose from a custom archiving solution or one of CellTrust’s leading archiving technology partners to capture, manage and archive voice, chat, text and multimedia messages in support of e-discovery and regulatory compliance, including: FINRA, SEC, IIROC, Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SOX, FCA, MiFID II, FOIA, Sunshine Laws and HIPAA.

The CellTrust SL2 secure, compliant enterprise-grade mobile communication platform, unlike consumer-grade apps, has been engineered and is constantly monitored with data loss prevention and cyber defence in mind. While consumer-grade solutions may provide some security features such as AES encryption, a form of multi-level authentication and remote wipe, they often lack the robust security rules, policies, processes and Secure Cloud Computing Architecture of an enterprise-grade solution like SL2.

Our SL2 experts are here to ensure business continuity and support working from home:  480-515-5200 or sales@celltrust.com or for existing customers cs@celltrust.com.

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SL2 datasheet download.