Mobē Selects CellTrust SecureSMS for Secure Mobile Banking Applications

Mobile Mone™ Application Enables Consumers to Use Their Mobile Phone to Safely and Securely Deposit, Withdraw, Send or Spend Money Globally

Scottsdale, Ariz. – October 18, 2011 – CellTrust Corporation, the recognized leader in secure mobile messaging, today announced that Mobē Inc, the leading global provider of mobile money movement solutions, will license CellTrust’s SecureSMS 3.0 software to bring an added layer of security to Mobē’s mobile banking products.

Mobē, the creators of mobile monē™, a proprietary peer-to-peer mobile money movement platform, will leverage CellTrust’s SecureSMS 3.0 SDK for use in a secure mobile wallet application, that allows consumers to deposit, withdraw, send, spend or secure money from anywhere in the world, anytime of day, directly on their mobile phone.

“The mobile phone is one thing most people never leave home without, and that makes it the ideal tool for personal financial transactions,” said Jim McLeod, President and Co-Founder, Mobē Inc. “At the same time, it is imperative to protect consumers from the security risks that come with mobile communication and transactions, and that’s where CellTrust comes in. With CellTrust Secure SMS, we added an additional layer of security to ensure the companies and consumers we do business with that the information they share and the transactions they conduct using mobile monē™ are safe and secure, opening the doors to a variety of new mobile banking applications in the future.”

Unlike consumer-grade SMS, CellTrust’s SecureSMS 3.0 software allows companies and consumers to exchange confidential information in a trusted and safe environment on mobile devices, in compliance with financial services industry regulations. CellTrust SecureSMS 3.0 deploys communication over an SMS control channel supported by all global operators. Mobile users can send fully encrypted SMS messages up to 5,000 characters in length, as well as receive delivery, open and delete acknowledgement, and remote data wipe in the event a handset is lost or stolen. CellTrust has access to 200+ countries and is certified with major operators and handset manufacturers worldwide.

“Over the last year, a number of mobile banking security risks and failures have been publicized, illustrating the need for more secure mobile communication and transactions,” said Sean Moshir, CEO, CellTrust. “In partnership with Mobē, we offer consumers and businesses the ability to conduct mobile banking transactions safely and securely, with the flexibility, auditability, simplicity and convenience their mobile phone affords.”

With CellTrust SecureSMS 3.0, Mobē’s customers will have the ability to conduct peer-to-peer secure money transfer and merchant services via the mobile phone. Consumers can withdraw, deposit and transfer funds between their mobile phone or someone else’s mobile phone, debit cards, and checking accounts, and they can make purchases from merchants using their mobile phone.

CellTrust SecureSMS 3.0 provides a new menu-driven interface with pop-up navigation using the phone’s primary scroll button for fast operation. SecureSMS 3.0 also supports all versions of Blackberry 4.5 and up, Android client versions 2.1 and up and Java (J2ME) for traditional flip phones. iPhone and Windows 7 support are coming soon. AES 128 bit and 256 bit encryption ensure your messages are safe while enhanced security is provided through SecureID registration and device whitelisting.

Some of the new features of the SecureSMS 3.0 include:

  • New and enhanced encryption model to control overflow and transaction sequencing
  • Optional location-based services.
  • Message Lifespan to decide how long a message will reside on destination handset or be deleted as soon as read
  • Secure Contacts allows an encrypted list of contacts to be imported from an existing list or manually built.
  • Multi-Server registration allows a user to register to a public server and to an enterprise server

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