CellTrust Launches Secure SMS Offering

CellTrust Secure SMS™ Gives Businesses Greater Control of Text Message Delivery & Receipt

Scottsdale, Ariz. – November 12, 2007 – CellTrust® Corporation (, the leading secure mobile information management and delivery provider, today announced the immediate availability of its advanced, patent-pending Secure SMS micro-client offering for mobile devices, offered at no additional charge to customers. An integral module of the CellTrust SMS Gateway Suite, the Secure SMS micro-client gives businesses the newfound ability to confirm the delivery and receipt of text messages as well as other mobile content in a highly secure manner.

Businesses requiring highly secure and reliable messaging can gain greater control over the responses to and from their customers by implementing the CellTrust Secure SMS™ Module. The new module allows for the simultaneous exchange of all types of data, including confidential and mission critical information with customers. The Secure SMS Module manages and exchanges messages via CellTrust’s highly secure platform and infrastructure, giving businesses the ability to:

  • Use the same set of APIs to send both secure and normal SMS or “text messages”;
  • Confirm that the mobile device is able to receive secure SMS messages;
  • Easily market and push the Secure SMS micro-client to their customers’ mobile phones so they can receive and send secure text messages instantly;
  • Confirm text message recipients have received their SMS messages;
  • Notify the sender when the recipient has opened to read the message;
  • Definitively measure ROI of mobile programs and their effectiveness;
  • Increase market intelligence and strengthen the customer relationship through a trusted exchange.

“Over the past several years there has been a surge in mobile messaging, both in consumer and business markets, with more than 1 billion text messages sent daily,” explains CellTrust CEO Sean Moshir. “However, most consumer and corporate SMS solutions are costly to purchase and deploy, and cause widespread market security and reliability concerns. CellTrust’s Secure SMS Module puts these concerns to rest by providing a solution that delivers information with advanced security and unprecedented reliability.”

CellTrust Secure SMS™ Module operates in conjunction with patent-pending micro-client technology and is automatically installed on the mobile handset. The micro-client technology utilizes Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), one of the most popular algorithms used in symmetric key cryptography today allowing businesses to send and receive communication to and from mobile-enabled target audiences to ensure a highly secure communication cycle.

Availability & Pricing

CellTrust’s Secure SMS Module is immediately available at no additional cost to the customer. The micro-client is offered free to CellTrust customers with the exception of additional charges when the Secure SMS confirmation or “receipt” feature has been selected. For more information on CellTrust’s SMS Gateway Suite and Secure SMS Module, go to click here

About CellTrust® Corporation

CellTrust ( is a leading provider and fully integrated developer, publisher and distributor of a scalable and highly adaptable Secure Mobile Information Management Platform and suite of mobile applications engineered to manage and deliver information and mobile content in a timely, intelligent, and secure manner from SMS to the most advanced micro-client delivery. In 218 countries using 700 carriers, CellTrust provides intelligent mobile technology solutions to customers and resellers in both convenient white label and customizable formats, which allows the secure delivery and trusted exchange of information on the mobile phone and benefits marketing, education, finance, travel, hospitality, technology, and government markets among other vertical sectors, as well as consumers. For more information, visit

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