CellTrust Introduces SecureVoice to Deliver Encrypted Voice Communications and Protect Private Conversations

CellTrust SecureVoice Builds on CellTrust’s Secure Mobile Platform and Award-Winning SecureSMS Solution

Scottsdale, Ariz. – February 29, 2012 – CellTrust Corporation, the recognized worldwide leader in secure mobile messaging and communication ( selected ShowStoppers at Mobile World Congress 2012, to announce the launch of its new secure voice solution. SecureVoice provides efficient and effective secure communication for industries that require highly secure and confidential voice transmissions, such as government, military, law enforcement and individuals who communicate sensitive information.

CellTrust SecureVoice is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service consisting of a mobile application and a server-side application. Customers utilizing SecureVoice on both incoming and outgoing handsets benefit from complete end-to-end encryption of voice communication; allowing the user to place calls with complete security and confidence, knowing that private conversations will not be compromised.

“As we have worked with many customers over the past five years on secure mobile data communications solutions, we have learned that there is also significant demand for secure voice communications,” said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman of CellTrust. “With our SecureVoice solution, customers now have the ability to protect their voice calls the same way they protect their SMS content using CellTrust’s SecureSMS solution.”

CellTrust SecureVoice is available as an enterprise solution where the communication server and all of its data are located inside the customer’s data center or as a hosted solution at the CellTrust Data Center for dedicated uptime and server access. CellTrust SecureVoice is initially offered on Android handsets followed by iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Features of CellTrust SecureVoice include:

  • Full duplex, real-time voice encryption
  • Utilizes Super Advanced security handshake
  • Robust VOIP over WiFi and 3G/4G
  • Integration with CellTrust SecureSMS

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