SecureVoice™ Communications

Secure Voice Communications

SecureVoice is CellTrust's solution for high-security mobile-to-mobile voice communication.

It is a carrier independent, proprietary SIP implementation with strong integration with SecureSMS encryption. Other features shared with SecureSMS are remote administration of configuration profiles, contact lists, data repository on the handset, detection of unauthorized access attempts and the use of the handset as an authentication token for all administrative functions of the system. Users and their group of authorized contacts make up the default Circle of Trust of the user. By bridging users, groups, or subsets of groups, the system administrators can expand the Circle of Trust for the user to include users, groups, or subsets within other groups or systems.

  • Full duplex communication for seamless real time transmission of encrypted voice
  • Full end-to-end voice encryption prevents private conversations from being compromised
  • Full integration with CellTrust SecureSMS offers resource and feature sharing between both products
  • Robust voice relay over IP

SecureVoice encrypted VoIP

SecureVoice offers an efficient and cost effective way for providing encrypted voice services for many industries that require highly secure voice communication, such as different branches of government including military and law enforcement agencies.

CellTrust® SecureVoice™ is Unique

Most Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are unable to receive a call if the data connection is turned off, but a constant connection is costly to system and power resources. CellTrust provides the industry's first solution to utilize the SMS control channel to wake the data connection to receive a call. CellTrust SecureVoice provides an increased reliability for call reception.

SecureVoice is a carrier independent, proprietary SIP implementation utilizing strong integration through CellTrust SecureSMS. Unlike consumer-grade SMS, SecureSMS allows companies to exchange confidential information in a trusted and safe environment on mobile devices, in compliance with government and industry regulations. CellTrust SecureSMS deploys communication over an SMS control channel supported by all global operators.