CellTrust Launches Secure Mobile Healthcare Division with Mobile Protected Health Information (PHI) for Hospitals, Medical Answering Services, Pharmacies, Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies

CellTrust Launches Secure Mobile Healthcare Division in Step with National Health IT Rollout

Scottsdale, Ariz. – September 22, 2009 – CellTrust Corporation, the world largest provider of SecureSMS for mobile phones (, announced today the launch of its Secure Mobile Healthcare Division with a dedicated team of healthcare IT professionals and mobile security experts.

CellTrust’s Secure Mobile Healthcare Division is comprised of seasoned healthcare IT professionals with decades of experience in patient information data management. Along with CellTrust’s mobile security experts, they have engineered a suite of Secure Mobile Healthcare Information Management applications designed to enhance the three core National Health IT initiatives – electronic medical data management, cost reduction and coordinated patient care.

“As approximately 75 public and private sector organizations head for Washington, D.C. this week to ramp up the rollout for National Health IT, CellTrust is launching a dedicated Secure Mobile Healthcare Division to securely enable mobile devices with Protected Health Information (PHI),” said Sean Moshir, Chairman and CEO of CellTrust. “Securely delivering actionable data in real-time to the right person is central to the success of National Health IT.”

CellTrust’s Secure Mobile Healthcare application suite is built on highly encrypted, HIPAA compliant SecureSMS text messaging technology that enhances delivery of real-time Protected Health Information (PHI) to healthcare providers’, payers’ and patients’ mobile devices via SMS. “Healthcare IT has been given considerable visibility by the U.S. administration and congressional proponents, therefore the expectations for a constructive effect on the nation’s healthcare system are high,” said Koorosh Yasami, VP of Healthcare Division at CellTrust. “Those who can deliver cost effective, platform agnostic mobile solutions that can securely transmit PHI or open secure two-way communication for healthcare organizations will be well positioned to make a positive contribution.”

CellTrust’s SecureSMS has recently received the 2008 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award and was voted Best Messaging Security Solution by the Info Security Products Guide’s Tomorrow Technology Today Award. SecureSMS was accredited as a finalist for the Third Annual CTIA Emerging Technology Award, and was named the winner of three Mobile Star Awards, and the prestigious Mobile Marketing Association 2008 Global Relationship Building Award.

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Health IT has been described as “information technology applications specifically designed for the practice of clinical medicine, including electronic health records (EHRs), personal health records, health information exchange, computerized physician order entry, clinical decision support systems, and electronic prescribing.” Proponents contend that its widespread adoption will not only slow health care spending, but that it will eventually “improve the quality of care provided to patients by improving the information available to clinicians at the time of treatment, by encouraging the use of evidence-based medicine, and by helping physicians manage patients with complex, chronic conditions.” Source: United States Congressional Budget Office, “Budget Options, Volume I, Health Care,” December 2008.

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