CellTrust Announces SecureSMS 3.0 with Secure Mobile Transactions

New Products Provide Mobile Operators and Enterprise Customers Secure Mobile Communications and Transactions Without The Need To Develop and Deploy Their Own Hardware and Software

Scottsdale, Ariz. – October 10, 2011 – CellTrust Corporation, the recognized worldwide leader in secure mobile messaging and communication (, announced today the launch of SecureSMS 3.0 with Secure Mobile Transactions, for secure mobile communications and a variety of transactions including mobile banking, commerce, and healthcare.

CellTrust SecureSMS 3.0 provides mobile operators and enterprise customers with the infrastructure and software needed to process secure mobile transactions, without the need to purchase and maintain their own hardware or develop additional software for every handset. The Secure Mobile Transactions Server infrastructure and software is available as a hosted solution or as an enterprise solution where the transaction server and all of its data are located inside the customer’s data center.

SecureSMS 3.0 provides a new menu-driven interface with pop-up navigation using the phone’s primary scroll button for fast operation. SecureSMS 3.0 also supports all versions of Blackberry 4.5 and up, Android client versions 2.1 and up and Java (J2ME) for traditional flip phones. iPhone and Windows 7 support are coming soon. AES 128 bit and 256 bit encryption ensure your messages are safe while enhanced security is provided through SecureID registration and device whitelisting.

Some of the new features of the SecureSMS 3.0 include

  • New and enhanced encryption model to control overflow and transaction sequencing
  • Optional location-based services.
  • Message Lifespan to decide how long a message will reside on destination handset or
    be deleted as soon as read
  • Secure Contacts allows an encrypted list of contacts to be imported from an existing list
    or manually built.
  • Multi-Server registration allows a user to register to a public server and to an enterprise

“Secure SMS 3.0 and CellTrust’s Secure Mobile Transactions Server are radically different from what is available on the market today and solves many of the hurdles mobile operators and businesses face with traditional technology solutions for secure mobile communications and transactions,” said Sean Moshir, CEO and Chairman of CellTrust. “With our Secure Mobile Transactions Server and SecureSMS 3.0 service, mobile operators and enterprise businesses have access to secure mobile communications and transactions without the need to develop and deploy their own infrastructure, or build their own mobile applications from scratch.”

Currently many businesses provide mobile apps that run on only a few selected platforms and are not universally available on all handsets or all carriers globally. SecureSMS 3.0, by contrast, takes advantage of the SMS and Data channels to operate universally on all recent cell phones around the world. The CellTrust Secure Mobile Transactions Server also provides auditing to meet compliance for many industry regulations such as those found in financial services, healthcare and government sectors.

The CellTrust Secure Mobile Transactions Server deploys communication over an SMS control channel supported by all global operators. Mobile users can send fully encrypted SMS messages up to 5,000 characters in length, as well as receive delivery, open and delete acknowledgement, and remote data wipe. CellTrust has access to 200+ countries and is certified with major operators and handset manufacturers worldwide.

About CellTrust Corporation
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