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Is the office telephone system obsolete?

In a growing wealth management practice one of the major expenses is provisioning software and hardware for new employees. Adding an employee can cost thousands in software and hardware (computer & phone) as well as time setting them up in various systems, and that doesn’t include the costs of upgrading software and hardware over time. There are also often marketing costs invested in particular landline numbers and it is in the interest of the firm to maintain those phone numbers with the client base.

With the adoption of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), companies are embracing advisors’ use of their personal devices for company communications. BYOD saves money for the company, and studies have shown that employees in a BYOD environment have increased productivity. Then again, financial advisors can move on to other organizations, and it is in the interest of the firm to own and keep the phone numbers associated with the client base.

CellTrust has made compliant use of landlines and BYOD as easy as possible

As CellTrust has seen these changes happening in the highly regulated wealth management space, we have sought to make the adoption of a BYOD culture and the optimization of landlines as easy as possible. By introducing the SL2 platform, landline numbers can receive text messages and advisors can use their personal mobile device of choice to send and receive SMS messages and make and receive phone calls, with all of this communication stored and archived in a compliant manner.

SL2 supports compliant mobile communication between clients and advisors

The SL2 solution at CellTrust is supporting the advancement of the advisor-client relationship as communication technologies evolve. As clients move around the world but still want to remain in touch with their advisory team, SL2 allows clients to contact their advisor through text or voice, wherever each party may be through a compliant platform and dedicated Mobile Business Number. As the world moves to an SMS-first method of communication, it’s only suitable that advisors have a platform that supports this, and on a device that is preferable to them.

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