Hashem Ebrahimi

Hashem Ebrahimi

Vice President of Engineering

Hashem’s career began at Novell, where he quickly established himself as one of the top engineers working in the Advanced Development Group, a handpicked group of Novell’s 35 most elite engineers. He played a key role in pioneering proxy, caching, and security technologies, earning recognition through awards and 12 patents. Following his successful tenure at Novell, he continued to make significant contributions at Univel, Volera, and Cisco. At Cisco, he further sharpened his expertise in video solutions and networking technologies.

Co-founding SuperLumin Networks marked a significant milestone in Hashem’s career. Hashem spearheaded the development of industry-leading, scalable, and extensible SaaS-based Edge Content Acceleration solutions. His emphasis on high-performance teams and coding excellence led to the successful delivery of CDN Edge products and SaaS Management and Analytic services. Hashem’s expertise in cloud computing and security has been instrumental in identifying strategic insights and opportunities, leading to successful presales, proof-of-concepts, and post-sales support engagements.

As an executive engineering and networking professional, Hashem is well-versed in harmonization, alignment, and talent growth. He directed engineering, QA, IT, and support teams, optimizing CDN performance and content delivery speed, resulting in immense customer satisfaction and retention. Hashem collaborated closely with cross-functional teams to develop go-to-market strategies for cloud computing products, significantly increasing sales and market share.

Hashem successfully deployed public, private, and enterprise CDN solutions for major clients globally, including Safeway, Albertsons, Walmart, AT&T, Luxottica, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar/Land Rover, Boots, World Wide Technologies, and more, with deals ranging from $1M to $10M, providing them with efficient content delivery solutions. As a pioneer in 5G content acceleration and security, Hashem has collaborated with partner companies and integrated solutions into mobile delivery platforms, staying at the forefront of technology trends and advancements.

Hashem is a recognized innovator in proxy, caching, security technologies, and networking protocols. He has received numerous awards for his contributions, including the most prestigious Novell award, the President’s Award for Caching/Proxy/Security Services, and the Galileo Patent Innovation Award. At that time, Hashem had meetings with then-Novell CEO, future Google CEO, and Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt. He also met with and was recognized with an appreciation letter from Steve Jobs for porting the NetWare Unix Client to NeXT OS.

Hashem is committed to advancing CellTrust’s mission of providing secure and compliant mobile communication solutions in today’s complex IT environments.