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CellTrust SL2 Summer 2021 Release Expanding Enterprise Level Features includes WhatsApp Integration to Enforce Regulatory Compliance

We are pleased to announce today that our SL2 mobile application for capture and archiving Summer 2021 Release will include the integration of the WhatsApp channel in addition to a continuously expanding enterprise level feature set.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular chat apps. Using the SL2 WhatsApp integration, organizations can now communicate with their clients using the WhatsApp channel while enforcing regulatory compliance.

The new SL2 WhatsApp integration user experience is seamless – building on the successful and continuously expanding SL2 secure mobile enterprise app for capturing SMS/MMS, voice and attachments such as pictures and video.

Capturing mobile communication and then auto-archiving it via a custom archive or through an integration with leading archiving technologies, SL2 supports those operating within a regulatory framework to meet their compliance, e-discovery and oversight requirements while leveraging the productivity-enhancement of a mobile-first strategy.

Stakeholders increasingly expect real-time, self-service and no hassle engagement on their preferred mobile collaboration channel all the time and everywhere,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust’s Chairman and CEO. “The SL2 Summer Release 2021 addresses these needs as CellTrust continuously expands SL2’s capabilities and feature set to help our customers meet the demands of theirs.”

Balancing mobile productivity, risk, and control while enforcing regulatory compliance can be challenging. The compliance challenge grows when the organization has a BYOD or COPE mobile device strategy. With the necessary FinTech – specifically RegTech in place – regulated businesses can leverage the productivity-enhancing aspects of a mobile-first strategy and avoid the potential for significant fines.

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