CellTrust SL2 Selected by Leverage Financial Advisory for Compliant Text Capture and Archive

SL2 helps Small Businesses Scale Affordably at Enterprise Level
SCOTTSDALE, Arizona–April 26, 2021–CellTrust Corporation, a leading global provider of secure and compliant mobile communication for government and enterprise, announced today its SL2 mobile application for capture and archiving was selected by Leverage Financial Advisory for its robust enterprise offering and scalability at an affordable price.

Before founding Leverage Financial Advisory, Brian Bond worked in corporate finance in the luxury hotel industry for 15 years and always had an interest and passion for personal finance. His colleagues used to talk with him about their mortgages and retirement and that’s when he saw the opportunity to launch his financial advisory to the hospitality sector. Brian now advises those he calls some of the hardest working people around, mid-career and hotel professionals.

Each client has their own website where Leverage Financial Advisory aggregates and links their personal accounts, i.e., bank, student loans, investment, mortgage, automotive loan, insurance, life insurance, etc. and tracks all client spending. Every Saturday, clients get an update on how much they spent in the past week, how their investments are doing and the value of their net worth.

Text compliance soon became an issue for Brian and Leverage Financial Advisory as clients began asking if they could text his personal mobile number instead of sending him emails. This prompted him to quickly begin researching the market.

“CellTrust SL2 was the most robust and yet affordable enterprise level compliant mobile communication solution I found. I wanted a platform that my company could grow with as I hire additional advisors. No one needs to buy a new phone; it works with an Android or an iPhone, is very flexible and allows for a small business to scale,” explained Brian Bond, Founder and Investment Advisor, Leverage Financial Advisory. “The texting capture and archive functionality is really where the value is for me as all of my clients from ages 20 to 70 prefer to text!”

Now, as a small business owner, all of Brian’s clients have what they call their Leverage Number, which they now text or call when they want to communicate with him about their finances. SL2 separates his business life from his personal life, essential for a small business owner – especially given that part of his pitch to his clients is they are never going to wait on hold – SL2 has helped him deliver on that promise. It also significantly reduces his response time.

“CellTrust customers come in all shapes and sizes from large multinationals to small companies,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust’s Chairman and CEO. “SL2 was engineered to provide robust enterprise level, state-of-the-art mobile security competitively. We want our customers to be able to meet regulatory compliance and scale without sacrificing functionality or productivity.”

“Customer Service at CellTrust has been great as well. I always get a dedicated account manager for any question I have, and they resolve it quickly. SL2 is also very intuitive and I like the desktop version so that I can text from my computer or my phone and everything is synched,” said Brian Bond.

Learn more about how CellTrust SL2™ helps those operating in the financial services, government and healthcare industries to securely and compliantly manage, capture, and archive text messaging, chat and voice communications, balance BYOD, CYOD or COPE mobile productivity, risk and control and enforce regulatory compliance, i.e., Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA, SOX, FINRA, SEC, FCA, MiFID II, FOIA, Sunshine Laws, Public Records Laws, HIPAA.

About Leverage Financial Advisory
Leverage Financial Advisory is a fee-only fiduciary investment advisory firm created to help ambitious mid-career and hotel professionals organize their financial lives, invest their savings, and reach their financial goals. Leverage Financial Advisory’s process is 100% electronic. Although today’s technology has made investing in the stock market both easily accessible and inexpensive, clients often don’t know where to start or who to trust. Leverage alleviates the stress of managing personal finances by setting up client accounts with them, managing their investments and working with them to create a customized financial plan.

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About CellTrust Corporation
CellTrust – ranked in 2020 by Inc. 5000 as the No.196 fastest-growing private company in the USA – is a global leader in enterprise mobile communications, compliance enforcement, traceability, e-discovery and security, for highly regulated industries.

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