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How Brands Use SMS to Improve Customer Service

Text messaging has been around for more than 20 years, but is now just hitting its stride when it comes to business communications. Initially used as a way for consumers to send brief messages or images to friends, texting is finally being viewed as a powerful tool to help businesses better connect with their customers.

Earlier this year, CellTrust launched Prime Message, an enhanced SMS enterprise platform, to allow businesses to easily promote, manage and measure SMS communications throughout the entire customer journey – further fostering consumer-enterprise relations.

Extending Transactional Notifications to Mobile

Whether notifying users about a new offer, a bank account alert or the delivery status of a recent purchase, Prime Message is an effective customer engagement platform for businesses in any industry and of all sizes.

So what are the competitive advantages of adding SMS to your business communications? According to Pew Internet, “texting is the most frequently and widely-used app on a smartphone, with 97 percent of Americans using it at least once a day.”

Adding text messaging opens up a new, easy-to-use channel that helps cut through the clutter, costs and time associated with other forms of communication, like email. It’s also the preferred method of communication among consumers, which means there is a better chance that your message will be received.

Highly engaged brands are using SMS to not only boost conversion rates, but to improve business processes to help build lifelong customer relationships. Take DriveTime, a leading national car retailer and finance company. They use Prime Message to help its customers manage their lease payments. When do they send these texts? That’s right: before lease payments are delinquent and subject to late fees.

CellTrust’s user-friendly Prime Message application also offers business management features, such as analysis and reporting, and customer support to help effectively and affordably drive companies to that next level of success. For additional information about Prime Message, visit http://sms.celltrust.com.


Brian Panicko is CellTrust’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales Strategy and responsible for leading sales and business acquisition. Under Brian’s leadership, CellTrust’s customer base has grown to over 1,000 organizations in the financial services, retail, healthcare, government, transportation, distribution, field services, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Joining CellTrust in 2007, Brian brings more than a decade of management experience having held leadership positions with JP Morgan Chase and Blockbuster Entertainment. While at JP Morgan Chase, Brian served as Vice President and Area Manager of Consumer Acquisition, responsible for a client portfolio of approximately 300 companies including 20 Fortune 500 enterprises. Brian holds an MBA in Business Administration and Management and a B.S. in Business Management and Finance from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

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