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Sean explains SL2 with Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management


CellTrust CEO, Sean Moshir explains how SL2 integrated with Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management minimizes mobile communication regulatory compliance risks

SL2 is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Intune, and the Microsoft 365 E5 enterprise solution. Mobile communications data captured by SL2 are sent to Microsoft 365 E5 user mailboxes via the SL2 Connector where Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management, Advanced eDiscovery and Communication Compliance features can be applied — minimizing regulatory compliance risks.

Using the CellTrust SL2 Connector to import and archive data in Microsoft 365 can help your organization increase mobile productivity while remaining compliant with government and regulatory policies.

Developed on Microsoft Azure, SL2 is available in Azure Global and Azure Government cloud.

Learn more: https://www.celltrust.com/partners/connector/