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SL2 Docs™ Seamless, Compliant, Mobile Collaboration for Documents and Signatures

Now you can manage Notes, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, Files and PDFs within the SL2 app. SL2 Docs creates a shared virtual meeting space keeping team information in one place, making it easy for everyone to access.

Seamlessly integrated into CellTrust’s flagship SL2 app for mobile communication capture and compliance, SL2 Docs was designed specifically for the enterprise, with all the sharing and usability enterprise users demand without sacrificing security and control:

  • Syncs Notes and Tasks with Microsoft Exchange
  • Information remains secure in Microsoft Exchange
  • Integrated with EMM’s: BlackBerry, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune), MobileIron (Acquired by Ivanti)
  • No new servers to configure or maintain
  • Easy to deploy – user settings and policies managed by EMM
  • Secure connectivity to Exchange on-premise or Office 365
  • Data leakage policies are enforced
  • Integrated with leading global Enterprise Information Archiving platforms


“SL2 Docs is the ultimate Microsoft 365 Information Manager for easy remote working and productivity,” said Sean Moshir, CellTrust Chairman and CEO.  “With SL2 Docs, you can go paperless, improve collaboration, work from anywhere, and be synced with Microsoft 365.”

SL2 Docs makes it easy to navigate the Outlook meeting schedule by Agenda view, take meeting Notes with near real time sharing, take action items and assign them to attendees.  Action items and Notes are synced with Outlook, and users are integrated to manage and complete their assigned action items, while the Calendar seamlessly works with Outlook.

SL2 Docs PDF Editor delivers a desktop quality PDF editing solution to read large PDFs with ease, annotate and comment on PDF documents, reply or approve others’ comments, fill out PDF forms easily and sign and return documents.  SL2 Docs is integrated with Microsoft Information Rights Management (IRM) so that users can assign document access rights and define how long the document link is available.

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