Thank you for your interest in learning more about the CellTrust SL2™ Beta Program. Our goal is to collect information regarding the performance, quality, stability and functionality of CellTrust SL2™ before it is released to the marketplace.

Benefits for actively participating include:

  • The ability to use the product in your anticipated workflow
  • The opportunity to help shape the overall product
  • Direct access to the Beta technical support team
  • Participation in regular conference calls where you will have a voice for input into the overall product

Accepted participants agree to:

  • Commit time and resources to testing
  • Download and install beta versions of new software and test it
  • Download successive betas during the same testing period
  • Provide feedback and contribute throughout the duration of the beta testing period
  • Send bug reports as they are discovered
  • Attempt to reproduce bug reports raised by other testers

Please complete the General Interest form below, making sure to leave accurate contact information. This will help us determine if you are a good fit as well as receive next steps for possible inclusion in the program.


Thank you for your interest in the CellTrust SL2™ Beta Program. We look forward to being able to work with you to release the best BYOD enterprise mobility apps for our customers.