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products-paper6 reasons why it’s smart to use dedicated common short codes to run your campaigns.


Mobile engagement is highly personal. Whether you’re sending important communications to employees or driving new products or services to customers—the ability to place the right message in front of the end user at the right time—can make all things mobile more powerful than they are on their own.

interactive mobile solutions

CellTrust’s multi-channel, two-way SMS Gateway offers a highly available SMS network that consistently meets enterprise-grade SLAs. Additionally, we deliver a vast range of products and services, from robust API integration tools to assistance through the SMS program provisioning process, maintained by our unparalleled customer support team.

engage customers and employees through:

  • Customer service and support notifications
  • Alerts and appointment reminders
  • Critical communications and emergency alerts
  • IT notifications, system status alerts and informational updates
  • Two-factor user authentication and account activation
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions, and more

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Features & Benefits

short code services

Shared short codes are used by multiple accounts with each individual account distinguished by a specific keyword.

Dedicated short codes function the same as a shared short code, except that the dedicated short code is assigned to you, and you only—significantly reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Short code provisioning is required for short codes prior to running a mobile program. Our customer support team will assist you through the provisioning process and act as your liaison with the carrier network teams.

Short code aggregation, through a single interface and one-time integration on the CellTrust Mobile Engagement Portal, facilitates communication between your application and mobile carriers around the world.

Superior support

The CellTrust support team is available to respond to your product- or service-related questions and manage new requests through email or by phone. Our team members can quickly diagnose, address and resolve customer requests.

Developer API Integration

Gain immediate access to an array of robust tools and documents with a rich set of high-level API for HTTP, HTTPS, Java, .NET, Web Services or SMTP. Use powerful web tools and plug-and-play scripts that allow you to create meaningful mobile experiences. One-time integration connects you to virtually any phone number across 800 carriers in over 200 countries.

Mobile engagement portal

Easy-to-use UI that lets you quickly design both simple and complex services, and associate them with configurable contact lists and keywords. Create and manage mobile messages and campaigns for your end users, or offer your own re-branded Mobile Engagement Portal directly from your website.

Drive brand awareness, increased sales engagement through unique offers, and increase customer interaction and loyalty—all from a single portal with the ability to:

  • Insert dynamic fields to personalize messages with predefined values
  • Set the date and time to send individual and group scheduled texts
  • Manage SMS messaging lists by type
  • Access detailed delivery reports and information on undeliverable texts

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