Flight Tracking Applicaton

An easy to use, cutting-edge mobile flight alerting service which can easily be integrated or linked to your existing website.

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Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile Marketing Services

We live in a mobile world.
Technology continues to shrink and the way to reach consumers has expanded from the desktop to the laptop to the mobile device.

CellTrust provides all of the tools you need to make your text marketing strategies a reality, through CellTrust's 2way SMS Gateway. Get started on the right foot with your SMS messaging promotions, and use our mass texting web portal to reach your clients and prospects today.

CellTrust is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering access to our two-way SMS communication services directly from any web-accessible computer. The reach of the CellTrust gateway spans the globe, connecting to over 800 mobile network operators in over 200 countries and territories world-wide.

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Our easy to use messaging platform provides the tools you need to launch bulk SMS campaigns in seconds. Our SMS APIs & Gateway are robust enough to handle the largest mass text messaging initiatives. Visit the CellTrust Developer Program Page to learn more.

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